Some people find it scary while boarding in the plan, according to them they have to board on a huge and sealed metal cylinder, where they have to sit for hours, while eating meal and watching a movie and flying over the ground at almost 900km/h and they think that in itself it is very weird. Here in this article we are discussing some strange things that could happen in flight while you are travelling from London to Karachi.

Why does this wine taste strange?

Sometimes people feel that taste of wine is change while travelling cheap flights London to Karachi. Its because of the dry air, or due to cabin pressure, because they use to dry up your sinuses and make your taste buds numb. Wines at such a height and altitude become more acidic and immense tannin, that’s why most the airlines prefer to serve aromatic, fruity wines amongst passengers.

Can an aircraft door be opened inflight?

Aircraft doors are actually designed in a way that they use to open inward, and later they have to rotate completely before you want to open it outwards. As we know pressure is high inside the cabin as compared to outside, due to which sometimes door is being pushed outward even at moderately low altitudes that will help to create a seal.

Can lavatories be unlocked from the outside?

If a traveler falls unconsciously or suffers from an injury or if a kid gets stuck inside, then its will be the duty of flight attendants to open the door and free the person. Actually the metal plate in hinged with the word Lavatory written on it. Flight attendant has to lift it Lift in upward direction and behind it there will be a small lever that will help to spring the door.

Why is there an ashtray in the toilet?

Yes smoking is not allowed in the plain but even then there is an ashtray that is present in the toilet, its present because if some criminal will lights up it’s better that they snuff out the cigarette in the ashtray instead of throwing the burning butt into the dust paper bin, that could lead towards a disaster.

Do pilots get special meals?

While travelling fromcheap flights from london to karachi yes, some airlines do give the pilots a special meal but most of the airlines serve the same meal to passengers and pilots. In some planes the meals quality differ from business class to economy class, and in that case pilots gets the food from business class section.

Is that blanket clean?

Especially in long flights when blankets are served to you most of them are packed in plastic sheet, it means this is a new or washed blanket but if they serve you open blanket then its mean its already used by someone else. Normally fresh, and clean blankets come on board at the time of first flight of the day, especially when the airplane is stationed in an airport.


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