All of us have dreams ever since childhood,and we wish to see them come true as we grow up. Very often, the first milestone of our lives is to own a car as it is something we’ve dreamt of ever since our childhood.

However, once the dream comes true, it also brings an important responsibility with it – maintenance of the car. This is a significant part and has multiple aspects to it. Vehicle insurance is one of these factors. There are a plethora of car insurances to choose from the market. But it is important to look around and carefully study available policies to see which policy will suit your requirements. To help you with the process of choosing the right vehicle insurance for your car, here are few questions you should be asking:

What is coveredin a car insurance policy?

For any insurance policy, the car insurance coverage is the primary aspect that should be checked. There are various motor insurance policies available in the market. While some vehicle insurance policies offer coverage after the accident, while there are policies that cover non-collision events like fire and accident etc. It is necessary to decide what type of coverage you are looking for and then you should choose the insurance policy accordingly. You can also use the car insurance premium calculator to compute how much coverage you require while purchasing the car insurance.

What are the payment terms of your vehicle insurance?

There are certain payment terms attached to your vehicle insurance policy by your insurance provider. You should study these terms in detail and not just rely on recommendations and advertisements. You should study your options and only then decide which policy would be most beneficial for you. Avoiding a hurried decision and carefully reading between the lines will go a long way in getting your car the insurance it deserves.

What are the discounts and deals you can avail on the insurance policy?

The insurance is competitive like never before,and you can benefit from it if you take the time to study the market and decide wisely.Most insurance companies offer special deals and discounts on car insurance policies all the time. So, be wise and don’t just pay what you’re asked but go ahead and inquire about available deals and discounts or a deal that can be made available to you. These deals and offers will differ from company to company,and hence you should look around before purchasing your insurance policy.

Do you need to pay a deductible amount?

Very often, a deductible amount needs to be paid before the insurance company pays the rest of the amount. Most people miss this clause and only come to know about it when it is time for the company to pay. You should always be cautious and check the deductible amount when you’re purchasing insurance for your car.

Do you need to buy add-on covers?

There are various add-on covers like roadside assistance that you can add to a car insurance policy and expand the coverage. While roadside assistance can come handy in case your car breaks down, meets with an accident or faces any unfortunate event; you would have to pay an extra premium to get it added to your policy. Therefore, be careful while choosing the add-on cover. However, think twice before ignoring any add-on cover. Though you would be able to save money, it may cost you in the long run when you actually require the cover.

How would your claim be settled?

You should always get detailed insight by the insurance agent or the representative into the process of claim settlement. It’s a good habit to be cautious while purchasing insurance.While the technical language used in the insurance papers can be tricky, being patient and getting all your queries answered will get your car an insurance policy that delivers on its promise when the time comes.

The purpose of a car insurance policy is to give you comprehensive coverage. So be prudent while choosing the one.

Get cruising but, be careful!

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