The money transfer industry plays a crucial role as it directly influences transaction, cross-border investment, tourism industry, International education market, and international trading. However, the expensive fees of financial institutions and procedures push the money transfer systems to unofficial channels. The exchange industry solely depends on MTOs and other banking systems to encounter the outdated market problems and make the money transfer efficient and less costly. This gave birth to the zerobank platform that makes the global movement such as the exchange and money transfer immune. Read what the platform is all about and how it works so effectively from the paragraph below.

What is a zero bank?

The platform came into existence to disrupt all the outdated exchange models and banking transfer systems via blockchain technology. It allows sharing of peer-to-peer transactions or exchanges through smart contract technologies. It brings money barter model that successful fit into the current position of money market thus creates zero bank tokens so as to make the transfer more secure and permanent. Instead of moving cash to banks, the zero bank moves value from one location to another via these money barter tokens. As a result of this, the negotiation of the cost is achieved.

Who all get benefited?

Migrated/ international students: As per the migration report, the estimated money send by the migrant to home is 413B USD which is similar to average remittance total. This gets forwarded to the zerobank which then reduce the amount approximately half, which saves billions of dollars for the migrant families.

International Tourist: The platform with minimum effort and no foreign exchange provides tourists deposition of currency before departing, the tourists gets the different currency at the destination. This benefits a significant amount of travelers.

Community worker: The aim is to provide dual benefit to the user via a community-orientated model that is being formed by the zerobank. The urban and rural farm gets the opportunity to become an agent of zero bank community. Equilibrium will be formed between the financial organization and centralized banks after the extra income is being extracted. The hotel receptionists, tour-guide and others can take part in multi-beneficial system by joining the platform willingly.

Donation & charity: The donation and charity systems are considered essential roadmap in development of core pillar in money banks. The platform improves the functioning of the exits gap between charitable philanthropists and takes the responsibility for serious natural disaster using the blockchain technology.

Future Business:

The zerobank ico aims to benefits the end users at business and personal level for effective peer-to-peer interaction in exchange fields. The platform revolves around the need for money transfer of international tourists, customer group and individuals in future. Thus it provides a roadmap that outlines network between the customer and agents. The major goal of this platform is to achieve utmost functioning of exchange and money transfer after the system gets into operation. The personal loans can be secured through verified smart contracts, it also makes purchasing and sales easy worldwide.

The zerobank platform makes the transfer of currency across groups and across borders easy, you too can make use of the tokens and transfer excessive currency easily.

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