Do you own a studio? Ever thought of investing in a studio coverage that can protect your studio? If not, then here are a few reasons that can tempt you to purchase one immediately.

Before we give away the reasons to invest in studio coverage, let’s understand what it takes to own a studio

  • The studio space, either bought or rented, is not just your asset but something you ought to take care of. If anything happens to the studio, say the glasses are broken or something, you are liable to pay for the damage. This means you are going to pour in your pockets to get things done.
  • The instruments in your studio, which are meant to create music, face reasonable risk of being damaged or stolen. If your studio is hit by a robber, you might not even know when you are hit with a bill that costs thousands of dollars. Getting that amount overnight can be quite a painful task
  • Owning a studio comes with the risk of running into copyright issues. Studio owners can vouch for that. There are times when a music record that goes famous is charged with copyright. Studio owners most often can get through it. However, sometimes your day is just not good enough, and you end up with a law suit

The thing we are trying to get at is the studio owners never have a similar type of day. The industry is hectic and there are just too many things happening at the same time. The studio can have a field day or a bad day, depending on how the day finishes.

The above mentioned issues are enough to persuade a studio owner to buy the studio insurance. Here we will list out the benefits of owning studio insurance.

  • When faced with a copyright lawsuit, you can hire a lawyer and fight the suit with the help of the insurance. You will be insured in case the lawsuit filed against you is wrong
  • When an instrument is stolen from the studio or returned damaged, you can use the insurance to take care of the repairs. You won’t need to shell out the money necessary to get it back in one piece
  • When a mishap destroys your studio place or the instruments within, you can use the insurance to get the instrument replaced or the studio repaired. This will help you save a lot of costs

Here’s how you can choose good studio insurance

  • Make a checklist of all your requirements. This is where you need to look at the studio requirements, what all can befall upon your studio, and make the list accordingly
  • Check the providers and what they include in the insurance they offer the studios. Compare it with your checklist. The one that matches perfectly will be your provider
  • If you have a set budget, make sure your provider meets the budget set as well
  • Finally get the ratings and reviews from the people who have opted for this insurance to know if it is worth the money.


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