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Things to Consider before Investing in Musician’s Coverage


Things to Consider before Investing in Musician’s Coverage


Whether you are a band, an orchestra or just a musician performing solo, there is a reason why you should opt for musician’s coverage.

  • It takes care of all the service and repair costs for your instrument. This simply means you won’t need to invest time and effort in looking out for your instrument. You don’t even need to invest in a separate instrument insurance, which means your money is saved
  • The songs and compositions, when original, need to be protected. You ought to make sure the songs are copyrighted and if not get them done. This way your songs won’t be stolen. musicians coverage helps not just protect and copyright the songs but also helps in suing the bands/musicians/folks who attempt to steal the songs or compositions. You can head the legal way with the coverage. In fact, if by chance you have played a song that’s copyrighted without proper license or permission, the insurance will help you pay up the money that the legal battle asks you to shell out
  • Your band members are medically insured under the musicians’ coverage. In case, someone from your band gets hurt or sick during a performance, your insurance will make sure their bills are paid, irrespective of where you are at that moment
  • A band’s no-show in any concert can put a heavy sum on them, if the contract you have signed says so. It is a good idea to have your band insured, so that you can pay up the money you owe without emptying your pockets. Obviously the no-show has to be for a reason that has been agreed upon by the insurance
  • If the concert is a hit but owing to the mismanagement of the crowd, you were unable to protect your belongings on the stage, the coverage will take care of this. You won’t need to spend money getting the repairs done

So, what are the things you ought to consider before investing in the coverage?

  • Does your band need this cover? If you are a two member band, you could opt for something smaller and manageable. However, if your band is big and you need everything that this cover offers, you should go for it
  • Who all are offering this cover? A research of all the providers will help you know who is offering this cover, and what all claims they are giving away. If you want make a list of the clauses provider wise, so that you can compare this list and choose one
  • A fixed budget is necessary before you buy the coverage. When you are comparing the providers make sure you compare them for the clauses and the premium they are offering the insurance at. This will make choosing the provider easy
  • How frequently do you want to pay the premium and how soon do you wish the claims to be passed will also determine your choice. If you want to make sure you can claim when travelling, you will need to include that in your list as well
  • Don’t forget to seek reviews and ratings from people and online websites before making the final choice.

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