3 Plumbing Projects You Shouldn’t DIY

Some people might think that they can be a Jack of All Trades or Suzy Homemaker. While that can be true with some arts and crafts, there simply are some projects that you should not attempt to do yourself. Home improvement is one such example.

This is not to demean your skills or talents at all, but the risk versus the rewards could be greater, especially if you do not know the local building codes or safety requirements, or if a project requires the skill and knowledge of a licensed contractor.

There’s a reason why professionals are there to assist you in making sure that your home improvement projects and repairs are taken care of. Aside from saving you from added costs down the line (because faulty DIY mistakes can cost you), it also ensures that you and your family are kept safe.

When it comes to home plumbing basics, your plans might just go down the drain when you force yourself to learn how to do it yourself. Scrimping on plumbing jobs might also just drown you in more problems when things go awry.

To avoid getting into a plumbing mess, here are some plumbing projects that are always better left to a professional’s hands:

1. Major plumbing projects

Whether it’s adding a new bathroom in the basement or creating an upstairs laundry room, doing a DIY number on these might not be a good idea. Unless you’re a licensed plumber, what seems like a simple job on YouTube can prove to be risky in real life.

A simple mistake in your DIY efforts can cause major damage and will end up burning a hole in your pocket. Improper plumbing can cause leaks, mold and mildew growth, structural problems, and rotting floors, among others.

It is best to leave it to a contractor that can provide a plumbing service guarantee and give you a well-made, safely-installed home improvement project.


2. Gas and water concerns

You might encounter gas leaks or other natural gas issues in your home-ownership life. If you live in a cold climate, you may also experience problems with frozen pipes. While these concerns seem “typical” enough and you may have heard your neighbor went through the same thing, do not attempt to handle this yourself.

Needless to say (but it will be said anyway just to drive the point home), attempting to fix gas leaks and other gas-related problems in your kitchen or home is a dangerous idea. If you ever encounter such a problem, it is best to vacate your house and call professional help as there is a risk of explosion.


Tampering for the sake of sharing or tapping is also considered illegal in most areas, so better leave the job to a certified plumber who are more knowledgeable in these issues.

On the same note, if you experience frozen pipes, do not even think of holding a blow torch, propane heater, or other open flame device to those pipes to prevent injury or even loss of life.

3. Clogs in your sewer line

Oten requiring special machinery and knowledge, addressing sewer line issues are best left to the plumbing experts.

Usually inaccessible, sewer problems may take more than just your usual plunging quick-fix. If this happens, refrain from making an attempt to fix it. The ensuing mess and cost will most likely cause your nose to wrinkle, so better stay away and let the sewer specialists do their job.

Let it flow

You want to have your home in tip-top shape and maintaining or renovating it is something you’d like to have a hands-on approach on. This is well and good, but you must know when to take a step back and allow properly trained people or teams to help.

Consulting a professional such as your architect, engineer, designer, contractor or plumber can lift a world of worry from your shoulders. When it comes to home improvement challenges, you can hand the reins to those equipped with the skills, information and qualifications to ensure a clean, safe and wonderful job. 


Based in South Melbourne, Blue Diamond Plumbing was founded in 1985, working on new homes, repairs and commercial contracts. Over time they have grown to become some of the best plumbers Melbourne has to offer. Since 2001 the company has specialised in Emergency Plumbing and Property Maintenance, Repairs and Renovations for homes and businesses in Melbourne and inner city suburbs. Owner Rod Diamond has over 30 years experience with emergency plumbing in Melbourne’s inner suburbs.

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