India is the definition of diversity, an unlimited treasure of various cultures and traditions. There are so many festivals celebrated in India that not everyone knows each festival. But a festival like Holi cannot go without notice that is why it is the most celebrated festival in India. Holi is celebrated on the full moon day falling in the month of Phalguna (Feb-Mar). Holi has been celebrated in India for centuries and the cultural impact has changed the ways that we celebrate.

Even with the cultural impact, there are certain factors that remain the same every time people celebrate Holi. The celebration of Holi with the help of Gulal (dry colors), water balloons, and the traditional pichkaries remains the same every time. Holi is a festival where people can immerse themselves in joy and enthusiasm and enjoy a fun time.

People celebrate Holi in their different way every year and sometimes they need new ideas for a way to celebrate Holi. The people who celebrate Holi with their friends and family want to make their time memorable and want to enjoy a good time. Here are some ideas for celebrating Holi for those who want to make their Holi memorable.

Play Holi with natural colors

Playing Holi with natural colors is the perfect way to celebrate. The natural colors can easily be made at home with the help of turmeric, Chandan, and henna and making their different combinations. These combinations of colours are harmless and can be easily washed off. Hence, it is a great and safe way to celebrate Holi.

Play with dry colors

Playing with dry colors is a great way to play Holi. It is the most traditional way of celebrating Holi. Dry colors are not at all harmful and can be washed off easily. As there is no waste of water, it is eco-friendly. Make this Holi colourful by playing with dry colors.

Play with flowers

Celebrating and playing with flower petals is a rich way to celebrate Holi. Instead of playing with colors that can be a little messy, playing with flowers can be much more fun. Add some more fun in your celebration with music and dance. But remember to dispose of the flower petals in the dustbin rather than to dump them in the water after the celebration.

Tilak Holi

Tilak Holi is the most elegant way to play Holi. Gather with your friends and family and apply the tilak on your forehead and share gifts and sweets. It is a great way to catch up with your family and friends after a long week at work. This will deepen the bond that you have with each other.

Eco-friendly Bonfire

Bonfire has been significant in every Holi. Why not make it eco-friendly? Burn waste such as waste boxes, coconut waste, cow dung, etc instead of rubber tires and wood. This will help you celebrate Holi in an eco-friendly way. But take care that the fire doesn’t get out of control or nobody gets hurt who stands near the bonfire.

Holi is no doubt is a prosperous day and it is also important to make sure that you stay safe. Holi is still incomplete without gifts so make sure you get a gift for your loved ones. Send Holi Gifts Online In Ahmedabad if you have relatives and friends there. Make your presence known to them even though you cannot make it there. After all, Holi is a time of cherishing good moments with your friends and family.


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