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6 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Linen Closet Tidy


6 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Linen Closet Tidy


Organization is the key to keeping a house clean and beautiful. The places like closets can easily get disorganized as you take out the items. The linen closet is an important part of the house as it holds the bathroom linen and bedding and keeps them safely stored. The bathroom linen and bedding is not cheap and you need to make sure that you take care of the investment. Piling up the towels, pillows, sheets, blankets and duvets randomly is not the best option.

Here are a few tips that will help in keeping the linen closet organized and clean.

Using adjustable shelving:

The best way of making sure that you are able to fit everything in the closet you should use adjustable shelves. When you are investing in bedding you buy separate items for different seasons. If you have adjustable shelves you will be able to adjust them according to items that you are going to store. The winter bedding is much thicker than the summer bedding so adjustable shelves are an excellent choice.

Keeping the pile in place:

The key to keeping the closet organized is finding a way to keeping the pile in place. the problem with linen is that while you are trying to take out one towel or sheet, the whole pile can come crumbling down. You will need to put everything back again. Make sure that you fold the linen carefully according to the size of the shelf so that the pile is steady.

Keeping things sorted:

The best way of keeping everything in place making sure that everything is sorted properly. Divide all the different types of linen you have in your house. There should be separate place for towels, pillows, cushion pads UK, sheets, duvets, etc. Try to get rid of all the old and worn out items so that you have adequate place available in the closet. Avoid hoarding things because then you will be wasting storage space. Use dividers and wire baskets to keep everything in place.

Using labels:

If you do not keep the closet organized then you may have to disturb the whole closet to find one small item like a pillow cover. When you put everything in order you need to use labels to know where you have put everything. Labeling the shelves or the baskets is an easy task as all you need is an adhesive label or slip of paper and some tape.

Shelf dividers:

You can optimize the storage space of the closet by using shelf dividers. The dividers are an excellent tool for making sure that you use the available space in the best way. You can use personalized dividers that will make the closet look beautiful and stay organized.

Smart towel storage:

The sheets and other bedding items need to be folded but there are different ways of storing towels. You can add a towel rod to the closet door and hang them. you can roll them tightly and it will save storage space.


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