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6 New Year Resolutions You Should Make In 2018!


6 New Year Resolutions You Should Make In 2018!


The New Year is just around the corner and many people have already sat down with their list of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’s that we intend to emulate in our lives in the New Year. It is the time of the year when we do a reality check of our lives and set new goals.

As this year proceeds towards the end, we round up here some inspiring resolutions you need to make before the start of the New Year:

  1. “I’ll Look After My Health”

Health is a precious gift of God. In the chaos of life, we often overlook our health and indulge in unhygienic habits that have negative effects on our health. The New Year is a great opportunity when we can promise ourselves to start living a healthy life. The best way to do this is to put a stop to eating junk food and start the gyming.

  1. “I’ll Give More Time To My Family”

Your family is your support system and a pillar of strength. Unfortunately, we tend to take our family for granted for other trivial things. While it is important to work hard for success but that success should not be achieved at the expense of the time of your family.

From the next year, you should take a vow to spend more quality time with your family even if it means losing a bonus or a cut in your salary. Remember that your work can wait, but your family can’t. They will always need you as a father, brother, and husband.

  1. “I’ll Try To Be Happy”

Happiness is the gist of a successful life. It is so ironic that we engross ourselves so much with the hassles of life that we distance ourselves more from the little things of life that keep us happy. Practicing gratitude is one way you can live a more happy life. Just imagine your life without all those blessings of God that many other people can only aspire.

Just at the deprived class of your society and you will know that there are people who can’t afford the luxury of a car and home, while there are others who don’t have a family. Can you think a life without all those precious things? Of course not. The moment you start thanking God for this wonderful life, you will begin living a happy life.

  1. “I’ll Upskill Myself”

Growth is a constant process as it expands your limits as a person and professional. Truly successful people keep learning something new with the passage of time which empowers them to lead the competition. So if you want to make a positive transition in your personal life or career, you should enroll yourself in a course to learn some new skills.

  1. “I’ll Be More Social”

In this time and age when people spend more time on checking their status update on Facebook, it becomes difficult to mingle with family and friends. As humans, we are social animals and it manifests in every aspect of nature. Nonetheless, we prefer fiddling around the social media than spending some good time with our friends and acquaintances.

Therefore, if you want to live more moments of happiness then the next year should mark the beginning of a better social life.

  1. “I’ll Live A More Balanced Life”

Balance is the secret of a successful life. Unless you live a balanced life, you cannot achieve the true success. The absence of balance often manifests in our lives. For example, you cannot enjoy a ride in your new car with a broken spine. Buying your favorite smartphone is not enjoyable when you are running out of money. Your promotion has no effect on your mood when you get divorced the same day. The essence of success is about living a balanced life. So start living a more balanced from the next year.


New Year is not just a time for celebrations. In fact, it is a good opportunity to change your life by setting new rules. The aforementioned are some of the ways you can improve the quality of life. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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