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7 Reasons Why Your Affiliate Store Doesn’t Work


7 Reasons Why Your Affiliate Store Doesn’t Work


Being a popular way of making money in the internet, affiliate business does not guarantee great income. Many of those who decided to open an affiliate store know it very well. Some people are less successful than others. Why? There are many reasons. Here we will tell you about the most common of them.

Reason #1: No Activity

Some newbies who have read several articles and watched a couple of videos about affiliate shops may think that this is a self-sufficient source of income. Guess what? It’s not! It’s a common misconception that business brings income on a silver platter.

Though not as much as other types of entrepreneurship, affiliate business actually requires work and effort. Without adding new products and unique content, you can hardly expect high incomes.

Reason #2: Not Enough Products

In order to attract customers, your site should be noticed by search engines. For that, you need more indexed pages, which can be achieved through adding more products. Don’t expect good traffic with less than 5000 items.

On the other hand, too many products can be a problem too. Why? Because a web store with more than 30.000 goods has low speed. As a result, even if the customer gets to the product’s page, he or she will lose their patience and leave.

Reason #3: No Target Region/Country

Another reason why your affiliate store doesn’t bring any income may be your failing to determine your target region or country.

First of all, your site’s language depends on it. People in France won’t buy from your store, if it’s in Finnish, right? It may not be a problem to switch the site to another language, but translating 20k+ products’ titles may drive you insane. That’s why you’d better take care of it beforehand.

7 Reasons Why Your Affiliate Store Doesn’t Work

The target country or even the target audience also determines your marketing strategy. There are certain differences between nations in terms of culture, fashion, trends, etc. If taken into account, these factors may lead your affiliate shop to success.

Reason #4: Poor Marketing

No store can work without proper marketing. Have you seen those newspaper boys shouting out the latest news’ headlines in the movies? That’s marketing too! In order to sell, you have to let your clients know about your products.

You can put it up to outsourcing, but a good promotion will cost a great deal of money, while a cheap agency will probably goof off. The best solution is to learn all the secrets by yourself. Visit websites, read articles, ask on forums, and try out various methods. You could say, anything works here – meaning, doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Reason #5: Too Much Attention to Cosmetics

Another common mistake among affiliate store owners is concentrating too much on their website’s visual attractiveness and usability. Don’t get it wrong! These things are important too, but they can’t bring you clients without proper management, updating goods in time and so on. It’s great that you want your customers feel comfortable at your shop, but don’t overdo it.

Reason #6: Poor SEO

Never ever neglect search engine optimization of your affiliate shop, as it’s crucial for indexing. WordPress sites allow you to add SEO meta tags in the list of your categories. If you work with AliExpress, you can also use AliPlugin to optimize the site on its main page and the product pages.

Reason #7: No Updates

Sometimes clients can’t find what they are looking for, but decide to return later. They actually like the shop, its design, the assortment of goods, the niche, etc. It’s just that right now they don’t need anything. However, if they find the shop and its content unchanged during their next visit, they’ll probably leave and will never come back.

Regular updates (at least once a week) keep your customers interested and your store fresh. By updating the site, you’ll remove outdated products and import new ones.


The general idea is that you cannot expect your affiliate store work on its own. Without proper management, it’ll be another dead site on the web. Put some effort in it, and you’ll see your sales rise up.

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