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Car tyres: Five sign showing its time to change them


Car tyres: Five sign showing its time to change them


Made from multiple ingredients like different kinds of rubber and fillers, tyres are an important functional component in every vehicle. They are responsible not only to carry the whole weight of vehicle, but also to keep it running smoothly on the road. Despite performing this important task, they are often the most neglected part in a vehicle. Having been in direct contact with uneven and hard surfaces after a considerable duration, they start losing their texture and shine.

Like any other product tyres also have shelf life. After that they started getting old and eventually worn out. However with regular cleaning, maintenance and repair, their life can be prolonged. Once fitted on a vehicle, consider inspecting them regularly once in a year. Major brands like Dunlop tyres in Dubai suggests users to inspect and look after the signs of deterioration, otherwise you are risking your life.

Below I am sharing few common warning signs, clearly intimating the need to replace them.

Decreased tread depth

This is one of the clear indications showing the need of replacement. In order to measure the depth of tread, you may either use a coin or a tread depth gauges. It is a vertical measurement between the top the rubber and bottom of the deepest groove of a tire. Maintaining recommended tread is essential for secure drive especially in rainy season. If this depth is reduced, it will reduce the grip and traction between vehicle and road. This can be very dangerous and if ignored, it will end up compromising the safety during driving.

Cracked side wall

Even the expensive tyre brands will eventually produce cracks with aging. All you need keep an eye on the sidewall to monitor the first sign of these deteriorations. These cracks are produced due to regular exposure to UV rays of sun. Aging weaken the rubber and break down chemicals and oils present in the rubber. This causes rubber to start losing its texture and tightness. It dries up and cracks the rubber. Driving with cracked tyres is dangerous. It may blowout and stop vehicle on the way.

Blistered/bulged surfaces

Slits, bulges and blisters on surface clearly indicate that tyres have almost completed their life cycle and entered in the last phase. Fissures and slits are extremely risky, as they let air to escape inside the tire and deflate it naturally.  These leaks are difficult to detect. Only professional can detect at service station.

Vibrations during driving

Too much vibration during driving shows alignment and balancing issues. Excessive vibration is the annoying and makes driving risky. Vibration issues should not be left unchecked for longer durations, as excessive vibration will end up removing the tire. To avoid this situation, you must get your vehicle checked to find out and fix actual reason of trembling.

Strange or unusual sounds

Whining, thumping and squeaking even at slow speeds indicate that tyres need to be changed. In addition to telling that treads have completed their lifecycle, weird sounds also notify alignment issues. Never ignore a thorough checkup as soon as you hear an odd sound during drive.

Endnote: You never know, whether it’s time to purchase Dunlop tyres in Dubai and replace the existing pair or its time to check and fix the alignment issues; unless you take your vehicle to mechanic shop for a detailed checkup.






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