Legend has it that gemstones have been an important part of Indian mythology. Since time immemorial, gemstones have been empowering the human race. “The energy of a gemstone is transcendental, and it holds the power that is yet to be fully harnessed,” says celebrity astrologer Dr Sundeep Kochar.

Indian astrology gives due importance to spiritual healing, and gemstones play a crucial role in bringing positive energies in our lives. They open the doors for energies to flow in, which further lead to upliftment and enlightenment of the soul. Considered the best astrologer in Mumbai, Sundeep Kochar states that it is only with our luck that we are able to experience the cosmos of these astounding gems that have been helping mankind foray towards a better future.

The nine planets of the solar system are all ruled by a particular gemstone.

Sun – Ruby
Moon – Pearl
Mars – Coral
Mrcury – Emerald
Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire
Venus – Diamond
Saturn – Blue Sapphire
Rahu – Hessonite Garnet
Ketu – Cat’s eye

The relative positions of these planets in a person’s life are unique. Wearing the right gemstones under expert guidance can help tackle tricky situations in life. According to Indian astrology, gemstones hold the power to bring about the necessary changes for prosperity in all spheres of life.

Dr Sundeep Kochar, a famous astrologer in India, says that the veracity of the occurrences in a person’s life after wearing the right gemstones are not mere coincidences. The science behind the position of the planets is unique and bridges the gap between humans and the celestial world. “To experience spiritual awareness through gemstones is to open your arms to the endless possibilities that connect you with the supreme powers of the universe”, he adds.

Looking at the current scenario, it is often seen that people give up during hard times and let go of the opportunities that could have been a turning point in their lives. However, there is no such situation that cannot be tackled with the right use of astrology and gemstones. The ancient Indian beliefs and mannerisms around gemstones can provide pathways in the darkest of hours if put to use properly. Be it body ailments, financial scenarios, emotional or mental healing or anything else, there is an answer to every question.

In conclusion, the power of gemstones can be entirely utilized only when we seek their healing in the truest form and it is only possible when we connect with the right people to do it.



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