The fire is much more terrible than a thief because even a whole gang of robbers will leave at least one wall of your home. One should remember that in a modern apartment there are many sources of potential danger that can cause a fire.

In the risk zone, you can include electrical wiring, all electrical appliances, gas pipes, as well as equipment that can be connected to them. Also, a fire can start at neighbor`s apartment or house, and only then spread to your possession.

But how can we protect our homes from fire if there are so many dangerous factors around and even inside it?

Therefore, you must be aware of rules and tips for the community of fire safety of apartment.

First of all, do not save your money on quality electrical wiring. If your apartment contains a large number of electrical appliances, then you need to think about installing more reliable electrical wiring consisting of a reinforced double-insulated cable and an electrical panel equipped with special network protection devices (PET), replacing obsolete disposable porcelain plugs. In addition, it is necessary to find as many qualified electricians as possible who will install and configure all this equipment.

Secondly, sensors are a must. The current level of development of electronic systems allows installing Kidde smoke detector, temperature and gas concentration sensors, etc. in ordinary apartments. Moreover, to be sure about the safety of your house even in another country, download a special app to your phone. To provide your home with such means, you will always have the opportunity to learn about the gas leakage, the arising smoke, etc. then, when the fire can still be prevented.

Thirdly, buy only certified electrical appliances. Do not buy cheap items from unknown manufacturers without any documents and proves of the safety usage. The fact is that the failure of such items can cost you the loss of all the rest of the property. Do not use deliberately faulty devices, as it is the damaged household appliances, still performing any functions, most often causes a fire.

Do your best while searching experienced electricians who are aware of right fire suppression system installation. It is an incredibly important thing. Furthermore, when buying a new stove, water heater, gas fireplace, you should not undertake the independent installation of such equipment, of course, if you are not a certified specialist in this field. In all other cases, connection to the gas pipeline must be trusted by professionals, and the most qualified. To save on the purchase of the above-mentioned devices is also not worth it because their health depends not only on your life and the safety of your property but also on the lives of your relatives and neighbors.

And finally, it should be noted that any dwelling should be insured in case of fire, only in this case, you can with a greater degree of certainty repair the damage caused to you by fire.


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