Studies are starting to show that spending more time outdoors may help reduce near-sightedness in kids. This means time outdoors, in the sun, playing actively, or even just enjoying the sunshine on a casual stroll with Mom or Dad.


But more time outdoors can put your kids’ eyesight at risk because of Ultraviolet rays. Here are some tips for helping protect your child’s eyesight, while encouraging him or her to spend more time outdoors.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Kids’ Eyes Protected

1. Have Your Children Wear Sunglasses.

Before you buy their sunglasses, though, check the UV protection levels. The cheap ones from the Dollar Tree may or may not be rated high enough. Anything less than UV400 or 100% UV Protection won’t cut it, and still leaves your child’s eyes at risk. But sometimes it can be tricky getting kids to wear sunglasses. They take them off quickly, they get bored with them, or they just plain lose them.

1. Keep a Drawer Full of Kids’ Shades.

Since kids, like many grownups, are great at losing things, having several pairs of sunglasses on hand is essential to keeping your kids’ eyes protected. If they go to school, stick a pair in their backpack, have one in their favorite coat pocket, another pair in the kitchen by the garden door, et cetera. The more options they have, the more likely they are to remember to put them on before going outside.

2. Buy Styles of Frames They Love.

If they love them, they’ll want to wear them. If they don’t like them, they’re going to avoid them at all costs. It’s just that simple.

2. Teach your Child to Wear a Visor or Hat.

One of the most helpful things to help your child’s vision is a visor or hat with a brim. Teaching your kids to wear this item now could not only help his or her vision now, but could ingrain a life-long healthy habit that will protect their eyes in the future.

3. Make Sure Your Child is Eating Well.

There are certain nutrients that will help protect your child’s vision, both now and in the future as they develop. Find foods high in beta-carotene and Lutein, as well as Bioflavinoids, Vitamin E, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and Zeaxanthin. Rich colored vegetables and dark green vegetables, and legumes are where you’ll find these nutrients most naturally.

One Easy Way to Save Money on Kids’ UV Protection

One of the ways to save on your child’s protective eyewear is to replace lenses in old frames. These can be done in either her former standard frames, or the frames of his old, scratched up sunglasses. This is especially helpful if you need a few different pairs, or your child loses their sunglasses with any regularity.


Remember, it’s important to keep your child in sunglasses. His or her eyes are more susceptible than yours to the powerful rays of the sun. Pairing a hat with sunglasses, and keeping up his or her nutrition with eye-healthy vitamins and minerals will make the difference in the future of your child’s eyes.



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