Nothing compares to a nice and warm bath to start a beautiful morning. Or after the tired wintry day, a hot water bath gives a complete relaxation. A water heater is your perfect mate to experience this happiness. A water heater in your bathroom not only gives you the facility of hot water but a decent decor and high-tech bathroom goals.

Water heaters typically look like enormous metal chambers or tall drums that are introduced in a bathroom. At present, there is a wide range of styles of water warmers accessible that offer some intriguing highlights. It is a basic appliance which has a drum loaded with water and outfitted with a warming component on the base or inside. The moment water heater is the most mainstream which has a clever outline and offers a superior to clients.

Now, buying the perfect heater for your family is the biggest task to go through. therefore we are here to give you some helpful points to consider to buy the best heater smartly.

Storage Tank:

Water heaters come in various types that range from storage tank designs and sizes. The primary highlights of the capacity tank show incorporate a protected steel chamber, valves, an indoor regulator, and control board. In this, the cold water enters through the gulf port situated in the lower segment of the tank. Plus you don’t have to wait for the water to heat up like heating on the gas stove and many another device.

Size of Tank:

The size of the heater is the factor considered in accordance with the usage of the device. Like for small usage you can opt for 6lt, 8lt and for moderate opt for 10lt, 12lt, similarly for huge usage like for large families opt for 15lt,20lt heaters.

Energy source:

Electric, Gas and Oil Units

A water heater, for the most part, utilizes electric power or gas to warm the water. There are likewise some heaters that utilization home warming oil. The electrical water warmers are exceptionally cheap as they are anything but difficult to introduce and doesn’t require a great deal of upkeep. A gas unit keeps running on either normal or propane gas. As it has a burner unit, this water warmer is very costly.

These are the basic features to be considered. Additionally, other features are as follows:

Combustible Vapor Ignition Resistance:

The water radiator should be furnished with a combustible vapor start protection (FVIR) which demonstrates helpful while assessing a gas-terminated unit. This component helps in anticipating against flashback fire.

Glass-lined Tanks:

You could purchase a water heater that has a glass-lined tank. Among the assembling procedure, a unique covering is connected to within the tank that protects from corrosion.

High Performance:

Usually, the most effective models are more costly than different models. In any case, they are intended to spare cash and run effectively in an eco-friendly way.

Automatic Technology:

Currently, there are featured heaters that include temperature and other operating features that can be changed be user as per need.Some of the benefits offered by this technology include better energy efficiency, increased durability, and smarter performance.

Extra Accessories:

There are many kinds of accessories available for water heaters that improve its safety and efficiency.

Heater stands:

These are utilized to raise gas units over the ground. They help in decreasing the danger of flame if there is any combustible fluid spill close-by.

Water alerts:

Water alerts are on the floor or in the skillet that is next to the water heater. The caution detects the fluid that has spilled from the heater and gives a sound caution to alarm the client.

These are some features of water heater that helps you get the smart heater for your smart home. With Power World India, providing the wide range of Water heater with best features and quality, get your family the safe and smarter water heater. Buy in bulk, and design your family bathrooms with stylish and clever heaters.


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