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What is the process of Australian Business Migration Visa?


What is the process of Australian Business Migration Visa?


Australian Immigration Business Skills Visa is one of the subclasses of Australian visa, available only to the businessmen, individuals of high net worth, or the venture capital firms, with established business enterprises and/ or the intention of investing in Australia. Being one of the most stable and blooming economies of the world, Immigration in Australia is a highly attractive investment, and the government is encouraging investment and business expertise from all across the globe.

Requirements for Business Skills and Business Talent visa

Business visa in Australia can be obtained by meeting a few guidelines, set for the individuals and travelers. There are different types of visas available, based on the investment and interest of the individual. Higher the investment, more are benefits offered by the Australian state and lesser eligibility criteria for permanent residency.

Types of visas and their conditions

  • Business Innovation Stream– the stream of visa category for businessmen, with proven business skills and intention to setup, develop and manage an either new or existing business in Australia.
  • Investor Stream– the category is for businessmen, looking for new ventures to invest their money. In order to be eligible for application, the applicant must have an investment of 1.5 million AUD, which would be invested in Australia after the visa is granted, and the investor must hold the amount for at least 4 years after the business investment visa issuance.
  • Significant Investor Stream– this is the visa type for investors who are willing to invest AUD 5 million at the minimum, for four years, under the Significant Investor Visa.
  • Premium Investor Stream – the investors who are willing to invest at least 15 million AUD, and comply with the premium investor visa criteria in Australia, are eligible for this category of visa.
  • Entrepreneur Stream– investments immigrants are eligible of applying for Entrepreneur Visa, is they can arrange 3rd party ready to invest at least AUD 2, 00,000 in Australia. The investment can either be utilized to setup a new business, or fund at existing business.

How to get Business Visa in Australia?

State sponsorship can be obtained, by submitting expression of interest (EOI) through SkillSelect Online. The applicant is required to have an investment plan and/ or a business proposal for a desired state in Australia, in order to qualify for Business Visa. The plan should be based on an extensive study of the Australian Business Scenario, and must also nominate a state/ territory of Australia as a chosen destination.

After the state nominates the business investment visa application, the department of Immigration and Border Protection would send an invitation to apply for the intended business visa, within 60 days.


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