SAS was developed during the 1960s and was launched in 1976. The world has changed markets have changed and priorities have shifted but SAS has stayed there in the scene, in fact very much into it. There still so much talk about the SAS technologies all around the web that you can never question its relevance in the world of modern data science. SAS ruled the market for quite a long time. SAS skills always used to get you the highest salary up till 2015. The situation has changed somewhat now. SAS skills alone may not suffice for most jobs or might not strengthen your candidacy that much. But there is no way you can write SAS off the priority list of any data science enthusiasts.


  • A survey regarding various data science jobs shows that data mining and data cleansing are among the most important skills related to data science. SAS has always been the most reliable tool for these jobs. The large companies like IBM, Accenture, SAP, etc, have kept faith in SAS for their advanced analytical operations.
  • SAS tools come with a lot of reliance. When millions of dollars are at stake enterprises prefer to go for the most reliable option. SAS takes care of the server maintenance and ensures top notch performance every time. Companies still count on SAS.

SAS v/s open source tools

When compared to open source programming languages like R or Python, SAS might appear to be on the losing side. It is costly; the improvements happen a little later than Python or R. There is less scope for creativity or freedom with SAS. But then again one has to keep in mind that most clients of SAS are the large scale companies who can actually afford the services. It still stands as the elite class tool. While organizations like Facebook, Youtube and Amazon are using Python for some tasks, they are also using SAS.

It is time to mix things up

The salary offered for SAS skills is less than the salary offered for both Python and R skills. The highest amount is paid to the people with knowledge of all three. So, once you know all of them, it becomes a piece of cake for you to get a rewarding job. Even if you are inclined towards learning Python or R keeping the startup jobs in mind, get a SAS certification too. It is going to help you greatly in the long run.

It is likely to stay in demand

Although SAS has lost some of its popularity due to mostly financial reasons it is still among the most demanded skills. It will help you take the big leaps toward bigger and better companies. SAS programmers are scarce in number and high in demand. If you get a SAS certification it not only establishes you as a capable SAS programmer but also helps you get recognition as a trained Data science professional.    


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