In this technology-driven era, digital health is a prominent vertical at the moment with more and more companies looking to play a vital role in helping people access the best medical facilities conveniently.

Almost all over the world, the healthcare system moves slowly that can be disappointing for all the stakeholders involved. However, there’s always a ray of hope in dark times and in this case, startups have started realizing the scope of technological development in the healthcare sector. Here’s a rundown of 5 companies that are changing the way healthcare used to be in the past.


Doximity can be termed as the social media of physicians. More than 500,000 healthcare professionals of the United States of America are currently using this platform. There are also thousands of nurse practitioners and pharmacists registered with Doximity. This platform bridges a gap between doctors and allows them to seek advice from each other in time of need. It is a community that works day and night for the betterment of the patients. is one of the most advanced and leading healthcare platforms of Pakistan. In a country like Pakistan where the healthcare facilities are not easily accessible, allows the users to find a doctor and book an appointment conveniently. All the users can find doctors based on the specialties and that too in areas near them. This digital healthcare platform offers a plethora of other features as well like finding blood donors, locating nearest emergency centers, and getting prescription medicines from authorized pharmacies right at the doorstep. Furthermore, the users can also save their lifelong medical history right in the app. In such a small period of time, has created a name for itself that speaks volumes about the good work they are doing.


Oscar is a unique company committed to revamping the health insurance model in the United States of America. Through the app, the users can talk to a doctor and explain their symptoms. Not only this, but they can also view their visits to a doctor, medicine prescriptions, and medical history. Based on this information, the users can then receive health insurance quotes. One of the best features of this company is that it also pays money to people to help them keep a check on their fitness.


Initially, RespondWell was a fitness game but due to its enormous popularity, the company decided to transform it into a digital therapy platform. Currently, the system integrates EMR and it is HIPAA compliant as well. Through this platform, the users can benefit from a virtual therapist who encourages them to stay motivated and achieve the desired results.

Proteus Digital Health

Proteus Digital Health, just as the name suggests, is one of the wonders of this digital age. This company makes an ingestible sensor that is made with edible ingredients. You can take this sensor with your medications. The body of the users powers the sensor and through a wearable device, the sensor displays the heart rate, heart activity, and other important functions of the body. Moreover, the information is also forwarded to the smartphone so that you can always keep yourself informed on how your body is performing.

These 5 companies along with many others have really turned things around (in a good way) for the healthcare sector. We are quite optimistic that this industry will continue to grow and keep serving the humanity.


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