Blood is the basic network of the human body. It provides all the basic nutrients and minerals to all the corners of the body along with organelles and different organs. So blood constitutes the greatest network in a body. Which is why it is rightfully called as the liquid connective tissue. It literally connects each and every nook and corner of the body. The color of the blood is red because of the component called as hemoglobin. Hemoglobin consists of two parts heme part and the globin part. The heme carries the iron part as it is predominantly a metallo-protein. This heme part also gives the characteristic red color of the blood. However the Globin part carries the oxygen. This hemoglobin is an essential part called RBC. Along with RBC, there are other cells like White Blood Cells, platelets etc. which remains suspended in the plasma cells. These cells have a lot of significance and functions on its own.

Plasma Cells

Plasma cells are active component of the blood. It is straw colored fluid that is visible when a cut appears in any portion of the body. They constitute about maximum portion of the blood. It also constitutes to the body weight of every human being. At about 55% of the total body weight is due to this plasma. Blood plasma are very much important to our body. All the antibodies B-cells and the T-cells of our body generates from plasma cells. These antibodies are called as immunoglobulins. Plasma also carries memory cells that is also an antibody that remembers the pattern and the mode of the action of the pathogen previously infected, so that if it again comes back to infect, the body can produce its own resistance without any time to delay. Thus plasma cells are very much important for our body. The cancer of the plasma cells are called as the Myeloma. It is also same as that of the Multiple myeloma. It has also another name called as Kahler’s disease.  Cancer is generally a genetically inherited disease. That occurs due to the mutation of specific genes that might trigger carcinogenesis.

Symptoms and Detection

Multiple symptoms appears when myeloma or multiple myeloma occurs within a patients. The symptoms are:

  • Bone becomes excessively painful, and the chest and the spine regions are worst affected. pain,
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Mental dizziness resulting into cloudiness and fickleness in the thought.
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent infections
  • Weakness felt. Especially around the legs many reports came that the patients having numbness.
  • Excessive thirst
  • Weight loss
  • Constipation

Detection of multiple myeloma s relatively easier. During this condition the plasma cells produce a specific type of abnormal protein called as paraproteins, which are functionless. These paraproteins can be easily detected with protein based markers.


With the ease of the detection, the treatment of best multiple myeloma in India, is very successful with the reports found nowadays. Doctors use a lot of chemical agents for chemotherapy and also uses radiation therapy as a basic mode of treatment. The cost of the treatment is relatively higher.

Timely Detection

Timely detection can reduce the risk of a particular cancer. So the symptoms must not be carelessly taken and once appears , doctors should be contacted.

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