Breathe Easier With a Trip To Your ENT Doctor

Nose problems cause daily issues for many people. Luckily, the ENT doctor can be instrumental in helping sufferers breathe easier. Infections, allergies and physical abnormalities are the cause of breathing problems for many. Treatments include oral medications, nasal sprays, injections, rinses and other surgical interventions, including some new procedures.



Some people develop sinus infections and sinusitis that cause excess mucus to form in the sinuses and nose, making breathing very difficult. These conditions can cause inflammation of the sinuses so patients feel pain and pressure in the facial areas. Patients often require antibiotics and decongestants to alleviate their symptoms.

Some patients suffer with stuffiness brought on by colds and allergies. This stuffiness is often attributed to congestion, but it is actually brought about by inflamed blood vessels lining the sinuses. This is why people feel like they need to blow their nose, yet nothing comes out and stuffiness remains. ENT physicians can help patients treat this ailment with prescription nasal sprays and oral medications.

Patients who continue to have sinus pain and pressure on a chronic basis might find relief with balloon sinuplasty. An ENT doctor can perform this procedure in the office with only local anesthetic. A balloon is placed in the nasal canal up through the sinus edge and inflated. Then the area is washed with a saline solution to remove any debris. This procedure is less invasive than surgery and patients can return to work the following day.



Allergens are substances that enter the body and cause the immune system to respond by releasing histamines. This release kicks off symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, sneezing and itchy eyes. Others have issues with environmental substances such as perfume, cigarette smoke or chemicals. ENT physicians can be very instrumental in assisting patients with allergy and environmental triggers that affect the nasal areas. Patients often experience excellent results with antihistamine medications, sprays or long-term allergy injections.



Some people have physical anomalies such as deviated septum or nasal polyps that might cause problems with air flow in the nasal or sinus areas. Sometimes the septum is deviated to one side, causing the air flow through that side to be impeded. When the septum blocks air flow enough to cause breathing problems, outpatient surgery can correct it. Deviation of the septum can cause the outer nasal wall to collapse. In the event that these measures are not successful, a fairly new procedure is available to keep nostrils open. This procedure is called Latera. A nasal implant is absorbed into nasal wall, keeping the area open by strengthening it.


The ENT doctor offers many treatments to help treat breathing problems. Even if you have been battling chronic nasal problems for a long time, it is worth finding out what new treatments are currently available. If you have nasal issues, be sure to visit your ENT to find out what solutions they can offer to have you breathing easier in no time!


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