Himalaya Liver Care is a blend of herbs that protect and empower the liver. It promotes cellular life span and detox by liver. It is a powerful supplement for improving liver functions and health. It helps in fighting various liver disorders including hepatitis and its various kinds.

The various ingredients of Himalaya Liver Care are:

  • Capers/ Himsra (Capparisspinosa) 65mg
  • Wild chicory/ Kasani (Cichoriumintybus) 65mg
  • Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) 32mg
  • Black nightshade/ Kakamachi (Solanum nigrum) 32mg
  • Negro coffee/ Kasamarda (Cassia occidentalis) 16mg
  • Yarrow/ Biranjasipha (Achillea millefolium) 16mg
  • Tamarisk/ Jhavuka (Tamarixgallica) 16mg


Uses- it helps in protecting from hepatic parenchyma and promotes hepatocellular regeneration. It also protects from alcohol induced damage. Other benefits may include better digestion, weight gain and improved appetite. The uses are as follows:

  • Viral hepatitis
  • Alcoholic liver disorders
  • Early stages of cirrhosis
  • Loss of appetite
  • Can also be used in cases of mild constipation for both children and adult
  • Protein malnutrition
  • Complements hepatoxic drugs
  • Liver damage caused by radiation and chemotherapy in case of cancer
  • During prolonged illness serves as a good adjuvant

Himalaya Liver Care and Himalaya Liv 52 are almost same. The ingredients used in both are same yet more studies are carried out in the case of Liv 52. Both serve the same purpose.

Dosage– 2-3 tablets twice a day with meals or as advised by your physician. Not more than one 3 tablets a day in case of children above 5.

Side effects–  there are till now no recorded case of any side effect. But it is advisable to take the advice of a doctor before using it. Moreover, precautions should be taken in the case of pregnant or feeding women.



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