We are all aware of smart phones, social media and the digital addiction! And those who are not, they might have heard of it and don’t even know how deep they have hooked themselves into the same!

House call doctor Brisbane writes- as per recent studies, the Australians are spending about 5 hours each day upon the internet. For some of them, this is majorly disrupting their personal relationships, because of the factors like dating sites and online pornography. It is equally paying negative effect on their work lives through continuous distraction. With the constant connectivity and expectations the availability is 24×7 where a lot of Australians are now trying to limit themselves.

It is just about many of us are affected, and many of us don’t even know!

Is it really something so negative?

A lot of concerns usually arise from digital engagement, one of which is upon our mental state. Factors like depression, low self esteem, anxiety and loneliness are the most common ones with those addicted to social media platforms.  For instance, a picture on social sites, immediately makes people compare themselves with others in terms of bodies, clothes, work life even holidays.

Certain observations stated the detrimental effects of the same on couples, and how social media has made it an opportunity for the jealousy issues to arise, through factors like cyber cheating and privates messaging. In fact, the couples are getting into arguments on messages that also get misinterpreted at times due to lack of body language, eye contact and tone of voice in texts.

House call doctor Brisbane also adds that, this has become such a huge issue that the rehabilitation clinics, are offering treatments to the people. Like, The Buttery Private, which is a renowned drug, alcohol, gambling rehabilitation centre, and is near Byron Bay. Clinic director Jenny McGee explains that clients are entering in for a period up to a month and majorly because of work stress. The stress is majorly caused by their habit of constantly checking out the mails and answering upon the phone calls.

How can you take a digital detox?

Although, it’s completely impossible to take a total detox from your digital engagement, particularly with most of the work places through digital platforms, but, there are some ways to at least minimise this time. Some of these include:

  • Turn off your notification panels up on the apps like Facebook so as to avoid interruption
  • Creating phone-free time zones for the whole family, like the one during dinner
  • Schedule your timeline and set time period to respond to the emails
  • Make your bedroom, a phone free zone, mainly while you sleep
  • While social outings, let your phone relax at home

So these are some of the particular tips and tricks which the House call doctor Brisbane team considers as useful in providing you a digital detox. With the help of these, you can always have one better life that is stress free and full of fun.


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