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How long does primer take to dry?


How long does primer take to dry?


A perfect face the foundation of all great makeup look, and while foundation, concealer work, and an excellent skincare process take place, makeup experts have another tip that is wonderful for beautiful skin named primer.

If you have never heard of this makeup tool before, today let us introduce you one of the most excellent makeup tools to achieve a perfect look. Primers are soft and silky creams or gels which are usually applied beneath your foundation to ensure complete necessary application by fulfilling in the fine lines as well as smoothing out rough texture. Moreover, working as a bonus feature, primer also protect your makeup all day.

Over a few past decades, these products have gone a long way from the makeup experts’ recommendation, makeup artist’s kit to your vanity. Keeping scrolling down for more useful information and know more about how to use these perfect – skin kits.

Choose Your Primer

The first thing that has come into your mind when you think about any cosmetic products is how to choose the appropriate one for your skin. Primers are not an exceptional choice. They are kind of insurance for your makeup. Even though they usually wear hats – protecting, prepping, concealing and smoothing – their significant roles are to protect your makeup and provide you a smooth, soft and perfect finish.

Any bleeding, blotchy or fading behavior that occurs all day can be efficiently avoided by a little use of the primer before applying the foundation. Moreover, as a bonus, many primers are now packed with SPF. Therefore, they can protect your skin from sunlight and UV rays.

From that we have conducted a list of most favored primers types, hope that you can choose the most appropriate primers for your skin type.


Blurring features are commonly considered as an Instagram filter for your faces use light reflecting techniques to make a soft – focus impact that expels out flaws which subsequently make them easier to wrap. Take Hourglass Veil Mineral Makeup Primer, for example, it does not only obtain blurring effect, but it is also equipped with SPF 15 which can protect your skin from sunlight and UV rays.

Color – Correcting

These colorful shades can resolve the problem by adopting the process of the color wheel (color on opposite side can eliminate each other) to dissipate your appearance problems craftily.

For instance, NYX Primer comes with five shades, such as pink to restore a tired appearance, green to combat redness as well as blue to remove sallow tones.


Anti – Aging

Those primers are anti-aging which possess both reparative and protective qualities. Moreover, those primers come with SPF to protect your skin from UV rays and maintain skin – healthy compounds such as niacin and peptides are the best choice for any types skin.


This is the method to manipulate your foundation appearance as fresh as you never put on your makeup. Apply them on bare skin, on some highlight spot or the entire face to enhance longevity and dimension of your complexion. In case you are enjoying a good day and do not want to apply makeup, you might still use highlight primer to lighten up your skin.


How about those pores are too visible to others? Then the answer is that you should try an orifice – minimizing feature which is specially designed for those have enlarged pores. These oily skin rescuers can blur pores and make them less visible. Moreover, you can remove greasiness and shine from one swipe of these primers. We like those primers with lightweight feel as well as super – smooth finish.


One difficulty that is wearing foundation might encounter is the dry and dehydrated skin because it settles in rough patches and makes your complexion look like a flaky appearance. If this seems similar your case, you can try a super – moisturizing primer. They are often made with vitamin B3 as well as lychee extract to refresh your skin, deluge your dry skin and make sure that your base makeup does not settle into dry patches or any lines.

How to apply primer

If you have met your ideal primer, you should understand and know how to apply them correctly. The first and foremost rule is to apply moisturizer before using a primer since it can make your application even. After moisturizer application, you should wait for several minutes before priming. Elle Leary – a makeup artist, recommended us, to begin with, the center of the face first and work slowly out as you prefer a light coverage on your face. Moreover, you should use your fingertips or a clean sponge to apply and avoid the eye area.

If you never thought about using a primer or thought that they require too much time and effort, we hope that after this article, you will reconsider using primers. As if you want to enhance the look, it is essential for you to offer a stable starting line.

And for those who have already been using primers, if you want your skin looks as it has been put through Snap Chat filter, you might want your face look like that in real life. Using eye primer will create a perfect masterpiece on your eye areas.

Primers make a quick choice as it is easy to swipe on and can create an entirely different world in the pigment and longevity of your eyeshadow. Nowadays, primers are becoming stronger and more efficient than ever.  One might wonder how she can work primer into her makeup routine. And what is so great about primer?

What Exactly Is Eye Primer?

Eyeshadow primer is liquid or cream – based product that can be used to apply on the eyelids to make shadows and eyeliners to last longer and go on smoother.

Primer works as a double-sided tape, grasps your eyeshadow and makeup. Moreover, it also keeps the foundation longer and ensures that it stays on your lids. It can also enhance your makeup hues and brighten them.

Why do you need it?

The primer will make a strong base for the eyelids, absorbing excess oil and letting the even surface to work. On the other hand, those who have dry, primer – fewer eyelids will get shadow pigment disappear entirely in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, eyelids possess a slight natural pigment or tone that can cause difficulties for specific shadow colors to work. White shadow or nude shadows can work as clean canvases that let all shadow colors to work.

If you have encountered any above issues, grab your eyeshadow and follow these steps:

  • Apply your regular facial moisturizer and eye creams.
  • Squeeze out the primer on a flat eyeshadow brush or use your fingertips.
  • The primer’s amount should be sufficient to make a thin layer to smooth and soften the skin.
  • Use quick and gentle motions to apply the primer to your skin. Begin with your lash line and gradually go way into the eyebrows.
  • Do not forget to apply primer beneath the bottom lashes in case you want to use liner and shadow. Let it sit for a minute to dry.



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