Do you ever feel tired of self – tanners which can leave you streaky, stinky and orange skin after every time application? Even in case you cannot go to an expert and professional treatment, Tan Physics Sunless Tanner, has the ability to hydrate, nourish and nurture your skin.

Unlike other beauty products that require double or even triple responsibilities to stand out, an excellent sunless tanner only needs some simple steps. It should provide you a good looking color skin. Moreover, it also should give you a simple – to – blend as well as streak-free formula and the choice of building up color depth by reapplying. Eventually, your skin should not have the odor similar to the behind side of a dry cleaner room.

The most common question that comes in your mind now should be: “Is Tan Physics Sunless Tanner a good method to get your glow?”. We’ll assess that in a closer view now.

The Tan Physics Promise

Tan Physics is reported to offer you a streak – free and natural – looking tan which only requires “the most exclusive skin care compounds.” It also says that Tan Physics is simple to use and blend. Moreover, it is supposed to be forgiving as well which means that it will not blotch or streak. The lotion is intended to designated to use on the not only body but the face as well.

How about those with Extra-fair or Olive Skin?

Tan Physics Sunless Tanner uses an exact color formula which adjusts according to your specific complexion. Therefore, it is flawless for different skin types and tones. Apart from their promising and outstanding sunless tanning, it also delivers “nourishing skin care” that always keep skin soft while enhancing the depth and the importance of your tan.

What does the bottle contain?

Tan Physics claims that their tanning design compromises of an excellent and natural derived sugar base and consists of the following compounds for a unique and enhanced skin care:

Argan Oil

The essential oil in the tan physics can banish the appearance of crow feet, protect the skin from wrinkles, mitigate skin irritation and fade stretch marks. Moreover, this excellent ingredient contains a high amount of vitamin E and is good at minimizing the dry skin.


It is claimed that tan physics possess activated collagen production and it can banish the appearance of the wrinkles and fine lines, Matrixyl is a tiny protein that has created great news in the anti-aging community as it is proven to regulate skin for a higher cell turnover.

Coconut Oil

On top of other great ingredients, tan physics also contains coconut oil which is a protective blocking, locking moisturizer and your tan. When the natural compound does offer moisturizing without clogging pores or irritated and sensitive skin, any effectiveness at keeping a tan can be washed away after your bathing.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Tan Physics says that their sunless tanners consist of hydrolyzed collagen to restore and refresh the powers and your skin’s elasticity. Sounds nice, right? However, hydrolyzed collagen is just a typical compound in gelatin foods. Moreover, there have not scientific research substantiating about the reported advantages of hydrolyzed collagen in the skincare products so far.

Moreover, the fact is that all the tanners adopt DHA to be their active compound (mostly with a focus on anywhere between 1% to 15%) as it can switch the top layer of skin brown by reacting to the amino acids it consists of

Tips for applying self – tanner

Before you take the product of Tan Physics Sunless Tanner, you should follow these steps to ensure that you look more like a bronzed goddess rather than a striped Oompa Loompa

Before applying any self – tanner product, you should shave and adopt a mild exfoliator to remove any dead skin cells and dirt that lay on your skin as much as possible.

During the application, take two mirrors facing each other and stand between them to help you see things more precise to get the satisfied results. Mistakes are usually recognized in regions such as hands, knees, feet, elbows, face, and ankles. You can avoid them by the application of a little amount in these regions.

Moreover, orange palms can be avoided by wearing tanning mitt or latex gloves. Then, wash your hands carefully.

After application, do not do something that can lead to sweating or do not take any bath for at least six – hours.

After the progress, apply lotion on a regular basis to keep your skin always hydrated and assist your outcomes to last longer.

Tan Physics recommends that you should let the areas set for 15 to 20 minutes for the “sun” to invade in and for your skin to take in all the vitamins, tanners, oils and skin – enriching compounds. Your tan should start to take effect in 3 – 6 first hours and will be fully active in one day.

Since your skin will exfoliate in the next several days, your tan will slowly become lighter till your natural tone comes back again.

What is the smell of tan physics?

The smell is similar to the citrus scent in the bottle. But not everyone fancies this scent. However, the scent will last only a few hours after the application. Thus you do not need to worry about it and just focus on the tan skin application.

How long does the tan skin last?

If you follow the above steps correctly, after 3 to 4 days, your skin will start to appear tanned and starts fading with small lighter spots.

Hopefully, this article will clarify your doubts about tan physics and should you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to comment below and let us know. We will get back to you soon to answer your question.



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