How to treat receding gums learning about receding gums symptoms means that you also need to know about the causes and prevention methods of this dental issue. Receding gums is a quite common dental issue, which the severity varies from mild condition to severe receding gums condition. The causes of receding gums typically are plaque buildup and bacteria. The most effective way to reverse receding gums is to reverse the bacteria growth. Because plaque is the layer that builds up on the teeth, the most effective way to remove it is by regularly performing simple oral hygiene three times a day. Simple oral hygiene implies flossing and brushing on a daily basis. But keep in mind to floss and brush your teeth correctly, so that the routines may scrub away the accumulated plaque. These simple methods should eliminate any receding gums symptoms right away.

Receding Gums Symptoms

  • Bleeding gums (blood on toothbrush even with gentle brushing of the teeth)Mouth sores right red or red-purple appearance to gums
  • Shiny appearance to gums
  • Gums that are affectionate when touched, but otherwise painless Swollen gums

Most Effective Way To Reverse Receding Gums Naturally

Effective Way To Reverse Receding Gums Naturally

Prevent Bacteria Spread: Several receding gums symptoms commonly include swelling and soreness of the gums. The Streptococcus mutants are the common bacteria that responsible for the receding gums condition. Though this type of bacteria is not unusual in a healthier mouth, it can still be harmful in a large amount. Removing the bacteria will likely remove the causes of receding gums.  Once more, a simple oral hygiene using fluoride free toothpaste like Ntauressmile gum balm for receding gums is the most effective way to reverse receding gums naturally. This is because fluoride free toothpaste can kill bacteria help to prevent its spread. Additionally, an excellent antibacterial mouthwash may also contribute to restoring the normal level of bacteria.

On top of that, to eliminate any receding gums symptoms such as gum swelling, you may gargle with salt water.

Simple Tips To Reverse Receding Gums

Another way to reduce Receding gums symptoms – particularly the swelling part is by chewing a piece of clove or swishing a slight amount of clove oil in your mouth. Dentist receding gums diagnosis usually followed by a suggestion of simple treatment for receding gums. This includes avoiding sugary foods and consuming vitamin C. The reason for this is because bacteria thrive in certain sugary conditions. Therefore, cutting back sugar may offer faster relief for the receding gums. Moreover, vitamin C may strengthen the body’s immune system that may help the body fight infections. If the gum recession symptoms are more severe or these suggested methods aren’t working, then it is suggested that you make an appointment with the dentist.

Dentist Assistance Procedures

To relief a severe condition that was shown by severe receding gums symptoms, you should go to the dentist. The dentist has more varied tools and methods to reverse receding gums and diagnosis. After a brief examination, the dentist normally will decide whether or not the patient requires surgery, based on the severity of the condition. In many cases, a surgical procedure is applied as the last resort of treatment for receding gums. The surgery performed under local anesthesia. The doctor will incise the gum, and then the flap is folded so that the dentist can clean the teeth and repositioned the bones. There is more simple procedure besides surgery. This procedure called scaling, which is a simple procedure of removing the plaque. Afterwards, the dentist will apply root planning to smooth the tooth root’s areas. So, if you think that you’re receding gums symptoms point out a severe condition, then going to the dentist is unavoidable.


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