Home Health Natural Rx Essential Oil Therapies That You Can Try At Your Home

Natural Rx Essential Oil Therapies That You Can Try At Your Home

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2 Popular Essential Oils for a Variety of Ailments

Essential oil therapies have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. That’s because they have been shown to be effective. The natural Rx strength of many of the essential oils that we will discuss in this article help to treat a variety of ailments, both big and small. Continue reading further to discover what they are.


Tea Tree Oil-

Tea tree oil is one of the most widely used essential tonics to date. According to Aromatherapy.com, it is known for treating infections and even boosts the immune system. It also has healing properties. The three different types of healing it helps are skin conditions, cuts, and burns. It also works as an insecticide and helps to treat athlete’s foot and dandruff.

Did you know that according to the Disabled World Website , every year the seasonal flu sends about 200,000 people to the hospital and that 36,000 people die from the flu? This is where tea tree oil can help. That’s because tea tree oil helps with respiratory problems and is even effective in treating some of the symptoms of the flu.

According to NaturalNews.com, you can use tea tree oil for the beginning stages of the cold or flu. That’s because it helps by reducing sweating, which is the first sign of infection within the body. If you start treatment immediately at the first sign of symptoms, you might just stop the virus from developing. Even if it doesn’t stop the virus completely, tea tree oil can help with reducing the severity and duration of the infection or infections. It may even help to reduce the likelihood of a repeat infection.



If you’re a naturally nervous person you might just reap the many benefits of lavender oil. That’s because lavender oil is a helpful all natural tonic that helps to calm the body and mind. According to WebMD.com, it has sedative effects and is also believed to relax certain muscles.

If you have trouble sleeping, struggle with insomnia or just need something to help you relax, lavender oil can help by giving you the rest and relaxation you need. That’s because lavender oil works with your body and mind, not against them.

Tired of painful headaches, migraines, and just living in pain? Lavender can help with these ailments. According to the Dr. Axe Website, lavender has been used to treat migraines and sore body muscles because most of the time migraines and sore body muscles are triggered by different types of stress. When you reduce stress, most of the time you reduce or eliminate migraines, body aches, as well as really bad headaches.

Now that you are aware of natural Rx essential oils you can decide which ones you are interested in using. You can utilize lavender to help treat nervousness or a migraine, in addition to a variety of ailments. You can also utilize tea tree oil to help treat the flu, a cold, or even athlete’s feet. There are many ailments you can treat when you use these essential oil therapies.


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