Modern medicine offers an extensive selection of all kinds of drugs for the treatment of various diseases. And their forms, in which they enter the human body, are no less important than the chemical composition. Depending on the form in which the drug is administered to the patient, it has either a local or a general effect on the body.

That is why doctors prescribe different forms of medications in one or another combination, as it helps achieve certain therapeutic effects. The form of a medication is its state, which is most convenient for use. Drugs can be solid (in the form of pills), liquid (in the form of solutions), gaseous (for example, anesthesia), and soft (ointments). Often, the same medical product is produced in different forms. There are also special medical devices that help patients immensely such as catheters and you can check price for indwelling catheters online.


Pessaries represent a medicine, which becomes solid at room temperature, and if it is introduced into the body cavity, it starts to melt from its temperature. Once you buy pessaries, they need to be inserted into the vagina. In most cases, they are designed for local effects.

Pessaries can be of different shapes such as spherical, flat with a rounded end or egg-shaped unlike catheters. The average weight of pessaries is about 4 g. All these preparations consist of a base, which gives them a form and medicines, which have a certain curative effect.

As a rule, cocoa butter or its alloys with fats or paraffins are used for the base. Fats can be both animal and vegetable ones. They are subjected to mandatory pretreatment. In addition, gelatin-glycerin base made of a mixture of water, glycerin and medical gelatin, is used.

Medicinal products found in pessaries are able to penetrate the blood. Therefore, before you buy pessaries and use them, you should make an appointment with the doctor and stick to the prescribed dosage. Usually, pessaries are designed to cope with the treatment of inflammatory diseases that erupt in the female genitalia, or as local contraceptives.

Pessaries used as contraceptives

Pessaries medications contain substances that are detrimental to sperm. When using pessaries for contraception, one must remember that any drug can both treat you and provoke some side effects, and, therefore, their use requires strict caution, which is also the case for catheters and once again, we remind you that you can check price for indwelling catheters online or at the nearest pharmacy.

Pessaries: inflammation treatment

Pessaries are used to treat inflammatory processes that occur in the female genitalia, which are caused by a fungal, bacterial or viral infection. They must be injected into the vagina at night, just before bedtime. Pessaries having dissolved inside the vagina, can neutralize the infection and leave the body in the morning from the genital tract in the form of liquid. Once again, if you buy pessaries, make sure to consult your doctor first before using them.


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