Psoriasis is a skin disease characterized by dry, scaly skin and deposition of a gray plaque layer on the surface of the skin. The scientists are not yet fortunate to find out the cause and cure of it. Let us discuss the symptoms of Psoriasis.

Signs of Psoriasis

Symptoms may vary from early stages to late, in the initial phase the person encounter;

1. Deposition of grayish dry plaque layer on the areas like elbows, knee, the back side of the head.

2. These plaque layers become more prominent in winters, due to the extra dry skin in winters.

3. This is accompanied by terrible itching in the area, results in colossal discomfort to the patient.

Symptoms in Later Stages of Psoriasis:

1. Plaque layer thickens and becomes very prominent with time, a lot of hair problems could be found like baldness, dandruff, itching, etc.

2. Many people get Inflammation in their joints due to psoriasis, especially knee and finger joints become the target. Sometimes this becomes the reason for the limited movement of the patient, and that is why also termed as Psorasitic arthritis. A person can visit psoriasis treatment Weehawken for the treatment under such conditions.

Cause of Psoriasis

The main reason given by the doctors for psoriasis is environmental effects, genetic mutations, and weak immune system. Although these are the cause given by doctors for psoriasis, till date no one has been able to find out the exact reason for it and research is still going on.


Is it Curable?

Well, there has been much debate about this question in the past couple of decades. Many doctors claim that they have treated several patients with psoriasis in their medical career, but still there is no clear evidence regarding it. Till date, psoriasis is considered as incurable, but yeas it could be prevented from getting worst. You can attend homeopathic doctor Weehawken for the possible treatment of psoriasis.

1. Skin Biopsy

This test is conducted to know the abnormalities in the skin of a person; it is used to diagnose psoriasis that whether the person is suffering from psoriasis or there is some other cause of the symptoms.

2. External Lotions and Creams for Psoriasis

Those who are in the initial phase of it can prevent it from spreading further by applying prescribed lotions and creams by the physician. There are several shampoo and soap available on the market which helps people to reduce the symptoms of it. You can try them for best results.

3. Medical treatment

Fixing an appointment with the doctor becomes very crucial especially in the early stage of the diseases. This is because here you have a chance to prevent it from getting on the worst stage. Always be careful to take the help of a physician if you notice any symptom of psoriasis in you.

4. Anti-inflammatory drugs

People who have psoriasis arthritis find inflammation in their joints can become unable to carry out daily movements. They can take anti-inflammatory drugs to override the problem.


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