A good night’s sleep seems to be crucial for your health and well-being. Americans are really bothered about getting their daily dose of sleep and statistics reveal that six out of ten Americans are happier with sleep and prefer sleep over sex. However, your mattress often ruins your sleep so it is best to replace your existing one by buying a good mattress that is specially designed to offer adequate firmness and support. The consequences of sleeping on a bad mattress could be ranging from weight gain and allergies to chronic back and neck pain. As per science, here are a few surprising ways how your mattress is affecting your health adversely.

Your Mattress is Responsible for Increasing Your Stress Levels

An old mattress could be increasing your stress level. Even though stress could be generated by a host of factors such as health issues or job issues, it is quite common for an old mattress to boost your stress levels. You seem to develop a neck or back pain after sleeping on an old mattress for years.

Your Mattress is Causing Allergies                                   

Old mattresses seem to be full of dust mites and bed bugs. These microscopic beings are known to consume the dead cells shed by your body. About 20 million people in America are developing allergies because of an old mattress. Dust mites cause skin issues like eczema and respiratory issues because they would be damaging your lungs and promoting a really sore throat. Another bad side effect of sleeping on a poor quality mattress is snoring all through the night. Browse big fig mattress reviews for learning more and making the right choice.

If you wish to safeguard yourself from unwanted allergies you must get rid of the old mattress. You should get into the habit of washing your pillow cases and sheets in hot water regularly. You must also vacuum them consistently. Allergy-proof sleep covers could be effective in cutting down the frequency of allergic outbreaks. However, it is best to invest in a specially designed mattress that gives you ample support and comfort.

Your Mattress is Triggering Back Pain 

Back pain is triggered by your old and inappropriate mattress. Your mattress does not allow you to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Instead you are tossing and turning all night to deal with the discomfort. You get up half the days with a chronic back pain that ruins your life and good health. After experiencing intense back pain when patients were asked to buy a new mattress and exchanging it every five years, it was found that there was a remarkable decrease in neck and back pains associated with poor quality sleep. You may opt for a specially-designed, medium firm mattress that would surely provide major relief from the back pain issue. You could be obsessed with your back pain and asking people for recommendations. One easy way to alleviate this health issue is by placing your pillow in between your knees every night and sleeping sideways.


Memory impairment could also be triggered by a bad mattress apart from the ones discussed above. So, pay special attention to the mattress buying exercise.


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