Proteins play an array of different functions in the body, but the most important role of protein is to boost the immune system. The entire immune system is made up of proteins. Getting too little protein from your daily diet increases the risk of acquiring infections and diseases. That is why, it is crucial to pair each of your meal with a good source of protein.

The Link Between High Protein Foods And Immunity:

Various viruses, bacteria and toxins attack the immune system and weaken it. This leads to the onset of infections and affects the overall quality of life negatively. Proteins play a pivotal role in strengthening your body’s natural defense system.

Antibodies are proteins used by the immune system to fight against bacteria and viruses. Inadequate protein intake may affect the production of antibodies and can put you at a risk of acquiring infections. Hence, it is crucial to supply your body with good quality and quantity of protein.

Moreover, protein-rich foods also contain other nutrients, for example, zinc present in chicken boosts the immune system and helps in the production of infection-fighting cells.

Inadequate protein intake or consuming a diet poor in protein content for a prolonged period of time may hamper the ability of your immune system to produce immune cells. These cells fight against foreign particles that cause harm to the human body. Extreme protein deficiency can even lead to shock and death in severe cases.

The protein requirement is higher in individuals with infections and low immune function. For example, patients with tuberculosis need a high protein diet to boost the immune system and to speed-up the recovery process. Insufficient protein intake during such a phase further causes muscle loss and delays the healing process.

The protein requirement in healthy adults is 0.8 to 1 grams/ kilogram body weight. The demand for protein increases during infections and diseases. Individuals with infections must make an effort to increase their protein intake until the infection subsides.

Bottom-line: Getting plenty of protein regularly keeps your immune system strong and fends off infections. (1, 2)


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