In order for a dentist consultation to be beneficial, you need to prepare for it in advance. Think about the questions that you would like to ask the dentist, or you can even write them down. If your teeth require some emergency treatment, you can get in touch with Dr.Eisen emergency dentist, who will be able to perform dental treatment on short notice.

As a rule, a dentist consultation starts with a small talk, as it is necessary to create a trusting atmosphere and it will help both you and the doctor to focus on your dental health. During the conversation, try to answer the dentist’s questions accurately. It should be understood that the dentist asks questions for a specific purpose. In order to diagnose you properly, all the data you can tell is important.

In addition, you need to tell Dr.Eisen emergency dentist or any other dentist what you are complaining of. If you have a painful sensation, you need to try to explain the exact place of occurrence of the pain, the duration of it and at what time of the day you usually experience it. For the dentist, the nature of the pain matters because dull or acute pain indicates different processes occurring in the tissues of the teeth, gums and jaw. If the pain takes place in the evening or the pain is associated with certain irritants, you should also inform your dentist about it. Even an insignificant thing can give the dentists the basis for the correct diagnosis and adequate treatment with the help of modern dental treatment technology. Pain is an important symptom that indicates the cause for a specific disease. However, there are diseases that develop without any pain, which does not make them less dangerous still. If you do not feel pain, but you have other unpleasant sensations – metallic taste in the mouth, burning sensation, itching and so on, you should definitely point them out in the course of the dentist consultation.

In addition to the general questions, the dentist always examine the patient, since the dentist can only diagnose you properly and treat you with cutting edge dental treatment technology if they perform a full examination. This refers to the examination of the skin of the face and mucous membranes of the eyes, the red border of the lips, gums, and tongue. Examination of your teeth is always needed. If the dentist conducts such a thorough examination, you can be sure that they are qualified and can be trusted.

After the consultation and examination, you can ask other questions. The dentist will have already have an idea about the state of your health and will be able make a treatment plan. If you know about any features of your body – an allergic reaction to a particular medication, a specific infectious disease (HIV, hepatitis), you must tell the dentist about it! This can help when diagnosing you and apply necessary dental treatment technology thus avoiding unreasonable risks.


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