Top 4 best essential oils for nausea relief

Nausea is usually caused by a variety of reasons. In addition to the causes of severe illness that you need to consult the doctor, there are other causes of typical nausea, such as motion sickness, stress, morning sickness, food poisoning and so on. Then, if you know how to treat nausea effectively, you will not have to worry whenever you have nausea.

Everyone has own cures from resting to taking medications. But do you know that there are many natural remedies such as essential oils for nausea to make you comfortable and feel better?

The raw materials for natural essential oils are usually plant-derived ingredients such as roots, petals, seeds or peels of certain fruits. Since the extracts from the natural ingredients are from plants, the use of essential oils compared to the use of chemical products is far better.

Hence, you can rest assured to learn on how to use essential oils for nausea relief  in the following.

1. Lavender essential oil

The aroma of lavender essential oil makes us feel comfortable, refreshed, relaxed spirit as well as help the person sitting in the car to be less partly tired of motion sickness, thus relieve nausea. Smelling the scent of lavender essential oil also clears the mind, repels headaches and dizziness discomfort.

The mechanism of action of lavender essential oil in reducing motion sickness is the aroma of essential oils that help soothe the nervous system, reduce nerve impulses. Also, it works to minimize the contraction of the stomach, lower nausea effect.

Lavender essential oil

You can use essential oil car diffuser containing lavender oil to put in the car mirror or anywhere there is movement. It has the effect of beautifying and creating a relaxed atmosphere, which is very useful in stopping nausea due to the motion sickness.

Or, when traveling you have nausea, you should do following steps:

  • Before getting into the car, get some lavender essential oil into a handkerchief and put on your nose and inhale lightly during travel. The smell of lavender helps your mind relax, not to be stunned by the smell of gasoline that makes your body tired.
  • You just need to sniff lavender essential oil or apply on the ear, neck, chest to cure nausea, headache while riding the train or car.
  • Put a few drops of oil on your finger, rub evenly.
  • Use cotton wool to absorb a few drops of lavender oil, then put into the vent on the car.
  • The lavender essential oil itself has a sedative effect, making people feel comfortable and sleep better. Lavender essential oil is also particularly useful in reducing nausea for the pregnant woman, especially in the morning.
  • Just dip a few drops of pure lavender essential oil into the corner of the pillow, so that you can sleep well, and have a refreshing spirit the next morning to prevent nausea.

Note: You should only use lavender essential oil in a small amount. Before applying directly to the skin, dilute the oil with lukewarm water. Do not use pure oil directly on the skin as the concentrated oil can irritate the skin.

2. Ginger essential oil

Ginger essential oil has been shown to be effective in controlling and relieving nausea in early pregnancy. The substances containing in ginger oil will help soothe, strengthen the digestive system and reduce acid secretion in the stomach. At the same time, the smell of ginger will crush the other unpleasant odors.

Ginger essential oil

  • You can mix 3 to 6 drops of ginger essential oil in a bowl of warm water at a suitable temperature of 40-45 degrees Celsius
  • Take a clean towel, then dip into the water bowl, squeeze dry and apply compress on the stomach.
  • Every 5 minutes you change the towel once (warm the towel or use another hot towel).
  • Each time for about 15-20 minutes, apply 3-4 times a day until nausea has stopped.
  • Or to those with digestive disorders with the most common symptom are vomiting, ginger essential oil will be the drug of the gastrointestinal tract that reverses nausea.
  • The most popular way to give the immediate effect is to directly mix a few drops of ginger essential oil with warm water to drink.
  • Also, you can use ginger oil massage on the abdomen to reduce the feeling of nausea.


Remember to combine it with base oil to avoid skin irritation. Because the oil is concentrated, it should be diluted when the mother uses a relaxing massage. The mixing ratio is 1ml of essential oil with 30ml of base oil. Some of the favorite foundation oil is coconut oil, grape seed oil, almond oil and so forth.

3. Lemon essential oil

Lemon essential oil can cure nausea and improve tired mood very well and more efficiently.

Lavender essential oil

  • Put 1 liter of water in the heat-resistant bowl and heat for 1-2 minutes until it actively evaporates (or boil water 70 ° C).
  • Pour 5 – 6 drops of lemon essential oil into the bowl.
  • Use a large towel to cover your face and bowl.
  • Place the bowl on a moderately sized table or chair, with your shoulders and back covering the pot so that your face catches the steam directly to inhale the oil.
  • Keep your face at least 30cm away from the water to avoid being burned.
  • Breathe through your nose and breathe deeply through your mouth for five times and slightly breathe in 2 times.
  • Take a breath for 10 minutes or until the water is still smoking.

This method is suitable for those who have nausea due to stress, digestive disorders, food poisoning but it is not used for the pregnant woman.

4. Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint essential oil works to help to increase concentration, excitement, relieve nausea and morning sickness by the effects of soothing the stomach.

Peppermint essential oil

  • Put a few drops of pure mint essential oil into a glass of warm water (do not use burning essential oil or doped substance) and sip until the symptom of nausea passes.
  • Or you can bring a bottle of 10ml of peppermint oil on your side so that whenever having nausea, you inhale directly.

However, when direct inhalation, you should avoid contact with the nose with the oil because it can cause burning sensation due to very concentrated oil.


Over here, we have introduced you the most popular essential oils for nausea in daily life to care for and protect yourself. Essential oils are very easy to find, and the price is quite low, usage is also quite simple. So why don’t you go to the nearest retail stores for aromatherapy and find out how to use it and the power of natural oils.

Also, you can combine many different methods to achieve higher efficiency, such as when feeling nauseated, you should avoid crowds, find a cool place, eat cookies and drink a cup of hot tea, or sit down and grip your head between the knees.

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