After a stressful day, you want to rest and feel good again. One of the best solutions for you to relax is to step into the shower and let the hot water wash your stress away. You could also take a long bath in the tub and let the hot water help you relax.

Taking a hot water bath isn’t only relaxing, but it’s also healthy for the body. Hot water does wonders for the body, and here are some of the benefits that you can get from taking a hot water bath.

Hot Water can have Similar Effects to Exercise

Preliminary studies conducted by U.K.’s National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine showed that men who took a hot bath experienced an increase in heat shock proteins, and this in itself can be an alternative for exercise.

The rise in body temperature can also help people who suffer from metabolic-related issues to control their body sugar levels. The rise in heat shock proteins, particularly for people with Type 2 Diabetes, help increase their blood sugar level.

Hot Water Decreases  Headaches

Simple headaches are caused by problems with the blood vessels or nerves in the head and neck. It’s necessary to take medicine if a headache produces a lot of pain. For frequent headaches, a hot water bath can release some of the tension and pressure from your head. A hot water bath can provide immediate comfort to you in case you have a headache.

Hot Water Relieves Tension

If your muscles are aching due to sitting in your chair all day, a hot bath is a perfect remedy for your stiff muscles. It relaxes your body, making you sleep more soundly at night. It can also relieve tension and anxiety in your body.

A hot bath can increase your oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is a hormone which is commonly called the ‘love hormone’ because it is associated with happy emotions such as empathy. Imagine experiencing this kind of relaxation every day.

If you want to experience this daily, you’ll need a lot of hot water. You can invest in a water heater. Some heaters cost less than some. G Store offers solar water heaters for your daily needs. Having a heater can let you take a hot bath every day, without consuming a lot of electricity.

Hot water is a Natural Decongestant

The steam from the water helps clear your blocked nasal passages. It loosens the mucus so you can breathe freely after taking a hot bath. As you take your bath, breathe in the steam slowly then try blowing your nose to release the clogged mucus in your airways.

Hot Water Boosts Blood Circulation

When you submerge your body in hot water, your heart beats faster, improving your blood circulation. It functions in the same way as light exercise, so every bath that you take gives your heart a mini-exercise which is good for your health. Better blood circulation reduces blood pressure and can prevent severe heart problems.

Hot Water Improves a Person’s Mood

A warm bath can relax you both physically and mentally. The silence that you experience gives you a sense of calm and comfort. The feeling of warmth relaxes your mind, draining your stress from your whole body.

Hot Water Can Remedy Irritated Skin

If you’re experiencing mild skin problems, a hot bath combined with essential oils might minimise the irritation. It can also hydrate the skin if it is dry.

Hot Water Cleanses the Body

Warmer water temperatures clean your body of the germs that cling to your skin. You don’t only feel clean, but you are truly clean after taking a hot bath.

Hot Water Reduces Pain

Hot water has been used for therapy and research has proven that this kind of treatment works on musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis and low back pain. Hot water reduces pain and loosens stiff joints. For this kind of therapy, water temperature should be carefully monitored and should not go beyond ninety-two to one hundred degrees.

You also have to move around to loosen the joints. Movement while taking a bath can increase the effectivity of the warm water treatment.


Hot water isn’t merely relaxing, but it also offers a lot of health benefits. Depending on your convenience, you can choose to take a hot bath every day or at regular intervals. Whatever the schedule that you choose, rest assured that you’ll feel a whole lot better after taking a hot bath.


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