Proteins play a vital role in the diet of a person. The level of proteins needed can differ from person to person according to their age, height, weight and daily activities. In adults, it is advisable to consume about 60gms of protein per day.  You may also balance your daily need of proteins by trying out various combination of foods containing protein. Some of these foods are given below:

Dairy products

Milk, cheese, yogurt are the dairy products that are rich in proteins. They not provide you with proteins but also have huge amounts of calcium and ensure bone health in the long run. You can also use soy milk and soy yogurt which are also an excellent source of protein.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts like almonds and cashew nuts are an excellent source of protein in a vegetarian diet. Nuts are also rich in dietary fibres and vitamin E. Sunflower seeds and sesame seeds are also high source of protein. You could simply sprinkle slightly toasted seeds on soups and salad dressings.

Legumes and grains

Lentils and pulses like beans, chickpeas are rich in protein and fibre. Grains like wheat, oats, bajra are also excellent way to add protein to your diet. A blend of all these grains in flour provides the body with much fibre it needs.


If you are seeking for a low in fat protein rich food, then seafood is the best. It is heart healthy and has omega-3 in it.


Soy is known to lower cholesterol by 3%. It is good for your heart. 50gms of soy protein daily can help you maintain a good and lower fat diet.

Eggs and white meat

Eggs are the cheapest form of protein. A healthy adult should consume at least one egg a day. In meat it is considered healthy to consume white meat as it is a good source of lean protein. In case of dark meat it is advisable to remove the skin before cooking as it is full of saturated fat.

You may maintain a balance between your diet by going through a protein chart which would give you an outlook of the amount of protein present in these foods. For a vegetarian diet it is necessary to consume huge amounts of plant protein in order to cover all their protein needs.


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