Shopping health insurance for an individual can be a formidable task, especially if you are doing it first time. Individual health care policies have gained prominence in recent years among the younger generation. This article will give you a brief idea of the different aspects involved. Consider them carefully and get more information if needed.

Consumers can buy a single healthcare policy for themselves or full family. Healthcare for majority of workers is usually taken care of by their employer. In recent times, the younger generation is open to exploring the benefits and advantage of health insurance for an individual outside employer coverage. More consumers have realized individual plans may be a good option even if employer offers coverage. Considering ACA – affordable care act, employer group insurance and private health care is important for every individual and family. Comparing and choosing the most benefits can help narrow down your choice to a specific or combination plan.

Gen Z is willing to explore all options when choosing a proper health care plan.  Online service providers make it easier than ever before to get more than one individual health insurance quote through a single online application form. They make comparing free online quotes from nationwide top-rated insurers possible and help buy a policy faster. Comparing prices to services offered is serious business. Once you start this process, you will discover that individual health insurance policy may turn out to be more affordable than you expected.

Kinds of Private Health Plans

Most common types of individual health insurance plans are mentioned here.

HMOs (Health Maintenance Organization)

These offer comprehensive coverage at the most affordable costs. Arguably the best health insurance for individuals in the country. HMOs consists of a nationwide network of doctors, hospitals, clinics, specialists and other care providers for the convenience of consumers. Hundreds of thousands of health professionals ensure patients get simple and quick access to medical care. Policyholders can count on convenient and proper emergency health care when the need for it arises.

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization)

Affordable Individual Plans under PPOs allow coverage with any health care providers. You get to choose doctor or specialist of your choice. Flexibility, comprehensive and affordable.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Individuals can open an HSA with a high-deductibles plan. Save tax-free to pay for routine medical expenses.

Fee for Service (FFS) Plans

This forms traditional individual health insurance policy. Patients get necessary care. Insurers reimburse costs incurred based on predetermined percentage.

Basics of Paying for Affordable Health Insurance

Deciding on coverage plans is important in case of buying health insurance for low income individuals. Consider these factors.


Premiums are monthly costs pad for having effective coverage. Premiums mentioned in quotes are base prices for different types of plans. Insurers rate individuals according to age, health and care requirements. Young and healthy individuals get lower premiums.


Out-of-pocket expenses before insurers pick up rest of bill amount. Deductibles can be a few hundreds or thousands of dollars. Choose depending on income and health requirements.

Copayments and Coinsurance

Out-of-pocket expenses patients and policyholders must pay for services received. Copayments are typical $20 per office visit. Coinsurance is a typical 20% of non-emergency hospital care.

Out-of-Pocket Maximums

Staying healthy can become expensive with deductible, copayments and coinsurance costs. Health insurance policy with out-of-pocket maximum are advisable to enjoy affordable healthcare. If you cross maximum, insurers pick up 100 per cent costs.


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