We all know that tooth decay leads to dental caries. We also know that we can prevent this if we’re washing our teeth properly. The tooth decay starts with the erosion of the tooth enamel – hence the hole in your teeth. The holes are called cavities. By not taking care of your dental caries, you might have to remove the respective tooth. The infection can also go to your gums and jaw bone.

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These next few tips will help you avoid dental caries

Stay away from foods and drinks that have lots of sugar

This can incite a reaction from within your mouth and can cause tooth decay. Sugar is the best friend of bacteria, and together, with the unknowingly help on your saliva, will form an acid that will cause the tooth enamel erosion. So cut off from your list soda, juice and basically everything that has artificial sugar in its composition.

When it comes to sweets, choose the dark chocolate, but don’t forget to clean your teeth after.

You should brush your teeth 2 times per day (at least!)

We know – it seems easy to do it, but you should know that not many people do it, even if it seems to be easy. You should clean your teeth twice per day – in the morning and before bed. Dental caries and gum diseases are caused mostly because of the build-up plaque, and by brushing your teeth, you’ll get rid of that plaque. Don’t forget about your tongue, because there are some bacteria, too.

Don’t forget about fluoride

Because it makes the enamel from your teeth stronger and prevents tooth decay. You can find fluoride in tap water, toothpaste, of course, and in trays given by your dentist. There also exists fluoride in pills, ask your dentist about it.

You should floss once a day (at least!)

According to your Scottsdale dentist, to do a complete process of cleaning your teeth, floss should be included, too. It will help you in reaching the small crevices that your toothbrush itself cannot reach. The plaque will continually gather in those small spaces between your teeth and they will cause tooth decay. And you know what tooth decay leads to. If you can, try and floss after every meal.

The gums really matter

Make sure you check if there’s a change in your gums because if it indeed is, it might mean that there’s something wrong with them. If they’re inflamed or they’re bleeding every time you brush your teeth, there’s clearly something wrong with them. So you really should use floss and maybe a mouthwash which has fluoride won’t hurt either.


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