Whether you are moving into a new home that requires renovation or renovating a home you currently live in, home renovation can be costly. There are, however, a number of ways to save money on home renovation. Here are 7 great ways to save some green on your next home renovation.


Before you DIY, make sure you know what you are doing

One of the biggest home renovation expenses often comes at the hands of homeowners that think they know what they are doing and it turns out they don’t. This is particularly important when it comes to plumbing and electric. Keep in mind that anything but the most basic projects often require permits. Failure to get one for work that needed one could end up costing you dearly when it comes time to sell. It doesn’t do you any good to save money on home renovation if you end up having to eventually spend more than you saved to have it fixed.


Do prep work yourself

While you may want to save installation for the professionals, that doesn’t mean you can’t do demo work yourself. In some cases, demo work can run almost half the cost of a project. Demo work may be the most hard, lengthy, laborious and least rewarding part of the project, but it’s also the part you are least likely to mess up.


Consider refacing and refinishing over remodeling

Unless your kitchen cabinets are truly hideous or stuck in a legitimately different area, you might consider painting or refacing them versus ripping them out and installing new ones. You can save a considerable amount of money by simply changing the aesthetics of fixtures that are structurally sound, versus ripping erecting out and starting from scratch.


Choose mid-grade materials rather than high-end

Opting for engineered hardwood or even laminate over genuine hardwood will save you a great deal of money without sacrificing anything visually. Similarly, choosing laminate over granite or marble for your countertops will save you nearly half the cost while still giving you the same great look.


Don’t upgrade your kitchen beyond what you need

Unless you are truly a serious gourmand, commercial style appliances are going to cost you far more than they are worth. There are plenty of mid-priced appliances that look great and work just fine for your cooking needs. Remember, the kitchen is the place you cook, not the place you stare at appliances.


Forego custom glass doors in the bathroom

While custom glass doors may look great, they are both expensive and take a great deal of work to keep them way. On average, a custom glass shower door or enclosure can run you $900 or more while a luxury shower curtain will only cost a few dollars, requires little to no maintenance and you can change it out regularly.


Try paint first

Paint is relatively inexpensive and can transform an entire room. Best of all, it’s truly something almost anyone can DIY. If your own reason for remodeling is just to change the look of your home, try painting first. If that doesn’t do the trick, then at least you’ll know your remodeling budget will truly be money well spent.


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