When it comes to exploring the world, taking a tour of Bangkok is something every traveller looks forward to. Bangkok in Thailand is a unique city in terms of travelling. This city not only boasts of a spectacular culture but also shows great discipline in terms of lifestyle. As the perfect destination for every travel-freak, Bangkok is the topmost attraction because of the budget-friendly options. You will not only get to book tickets on the Mumbai to Bangkok cheapest flights butalso enjoy exploring Bangkok without burning a hole in your pocket. Thus, check out the top 5 free things that you can do in Bangkok so that you can enjoy a delightful vacation there.

  • Enjoy the Puppet Show at the Artist’s House:Puppet show is an art that is dying out gradually. Owing to the development of visual graphics, many people forget to appreciate and practice the beauty of manoeuvring the puppets to narrate a story. Thus, if you want to relive the popular entertainment of the past and the charming art of the present, walk into the Artist’s House in the afternoon. At 2 pm, barring Wednesdays, some experts from the Jean Louis Theatre organize a puppet show for the common folk free of cost. Thus, you must not miss this golden opportunity of being a part of an age-old tradition and witnessing the beauty of this form of narrative.
  • Get Fit at the Lumpini Park: The Lumpini Park is one of the greatest attractions in Bangkok when it comes to coming in touch with nature. This park facilitates the fitness regime that you would not want to miss out. With a long stretch of jogging track with greenery all around, you can start your morning in a healthy manner. There are several free aerobics classes conducted in the early evening. If you would like to join the classes, you are free to do so. Apart from that, there are several outdoor multi-gym equipment that you can use at your convenience any time of the day.
  • Connect with Yourself through Meditation at Wat Mahathat: Life has become so hectic that we hardly get time to connect with our own self. Therefore, this is when we must not miss the chance of visiting Wat Mahathat. This is a Thai temple where entry is free of cost. The practitioners here help the visitors to get into a deep trance while meditating in the name of God. This helps the visitors to get acquainted with dreams that eventually make them become more determined.
  • Saying ‘Hello’ to the Crocodiles in Chinatown:Have you ever visited a temple that houses three giant crocodiles? If not, then you must visit Wat ChakrawatrachawatWoramahawihan in Chinatown. When you visit this ancient temple, you will be mesmerized to listen to some interesting tales that date back to the ancient times. According to these ancient tales, it is believed that these three giant crocodiles represent three beasts that have been punished for taking the innocent lives of the young ones.
  • Dance to the Footsteps of the Locals at Erawan Shrine: The Erawan Shrine is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangkok because of the grandeur. Every day, the glittering golden temple is decorated with flowers whose fragrance, teamed up with that of the incense, spread a heavenly aura. Traditional Thai dancers gather here every day to dance to the glory of God. Sometimes, even the grand Chinese Lion Dance is performed here. Thus, you must not miss this site on your visit to Bangkok. Who knows – you might get to match your footsteps with the locals too!

Thus, visiting Bangkok is not as expensive as you imagine it to be. It is, in fact, quite pocket-friendly if you know how to get the best out of this place. Thus, don’t hesitate to grab the tickets of one of the Mumbai to Bangkok cheapest flights for your next nostalgic vacation!

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