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Ways and rules to accessorise your wedding outfit.


Ways and rules to accessorise your wedding outfit.


It is your big day. All eyes are going to be on the would-be bride. Got your dress and veil? It is now time for the cherry on top of the cake. You have to understand the vital part that accessories play. So, here we are to help you look like an angel on your wedding day.

Let the accessories match.

No wonder your gown is the most important part of your look, but accessories have a way to elevate your look beyond measure. You have to understand that the accessories you wear won’t look good if they don’t go with your dress. Remember these basic rules. Gold and Ivory match well together because the fabric is highlighted well. If you are wearing a white dress, then go for accessories that are in platinum or silver. Choose to detail of pearl if you prefer. Don’t go for golden hues as it will clash with your white dress. Is your dress of the same shade as diamonds? Then go for rose gold, pearls, silver or yellow gold. In case your wedding gown has beaded work on it, then let the look of your accessories go with it. Choose a similar base for accessories like that of the detailing of the dress.Related image

Don’t overdo it.

Too many accessories can hamper the look of your beautiful gown. Earrings, veil, bracelet, sash and a necklace. Don’t make the mistake of wearing them all. You have to take into account your dress before you plan to buy accessories. Keep in mind to never subdue the beautiful features of your dress.

  1. When your gown has a neckline that is ornate, then go for earrings and not a necklace.
  2. If your dress is simple in design, then choose jewellery that will stand out.
  3. Want to put on some earrings? Then take a cue from the hairstyle that you’ll be having. If you want your hair to fall over your shoulders, then pick small earrings in stud but if you’re going to roll it up in a bun then choose statement earrings in a chandelier style.
  4. Never wear something that matches with the embellishments on your dress.

Take a good look at your veil.

Veils are what make up a beautiful dress even more eye-catching. You’ll be blown by the options that you get in a veil. Choose a birdcage veil or long ones in cathedral style.Image result for Ways and rules to accessorise your wedding outfit.

Choose a veil that goes perfectly with the colour of your wedding gown. If you have a gown that already has a lot of detailed work, then choose a veil that is simple and won’t distract the eyes from your dress. In case the back of your dress has an embroidery work that can’t be hidden go for a veil which is of sheer material. Consider your figure before opting for a veil. The floor-sweeping length of a veil looks good on petite figures. Elbow or halfway veils go well on a taller and slender figure. Bandeau, birdcage or short-length of a cover looks good on every shape.

What choices apart from veils do you have?

If you’re not into old school, then choose different forms of fascinators or hair accessories. You have to think about your hairstyle before you select accessories for your hair. Intending on keeping your locks loose, go for a crown made out of flowers. Choose an accessory that sits tightly on your head. Already spent a lot of money on your wedding dress? Then chooseImage result for Ways and rules to accessorise your wedding outfit.

voucherbucket.co.uk for your accessories. Not only do they have the best collection but the offers and deals are eye-catching too.


No outfit can ever be complete without the right pair of shoes, and this is your wedding dress we are talking about. Don’t ever trade comfort for style when it comes to shoes. This is going to be a long day, and you’ll be the centre of attraction so you can’t wobble or run into a room to change. Keep track the material, height and straps on the shoes before you buy them. You will want stability. Choose natural over any synthetic material. We ask you to shop for shoes when you are dead tired. You’ll then understand whether they feel comfortable or not. Do everything needed to prevent your feet from hurting.

Weddings are every girl’s childhood dream. They plan it for years and still find themselves in a bit of pickle. We want you to look no less than a diva on your day, so keep in mind these ideas before you walk down the aisle.

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