Whenever you will face any legal issues, the first thing you have to do is to hire a professional lawyer. Word of mouth is very important thing, you can ask your friends or relatives who have hired the lawyers previously. Always consider the recommendation of family and friends and then contact the lawyer by a call, by booking an appointment with him. Here in this article we are mentioning some important questions that you should ask from lawyer before hiring him.

1. How long have you practiced law?

While hiring a Harrow Solicitors, don’t ever hesitate to ask a solicitor questions, you should check his previous work and then analyze how many cases he has won or lose. Based on that facts and after seeing his past experience you should decide to hire him for your case. One thing more that matters is he should have relevant experience, having experience in other fields are not required here.

2. What type of cases you normally handle? In which particular area you are specialized in?

After that you have to ask the lawyer about the type of cases he has previously handled, just analyze whether these cases are similar to your case or they are completely different from your, check the percentage of cases he has won, and if still things are not clear, then you can ask him his particular area of specialization. After that take your decision of hiring him, otherwise find another one.

3. Who is your typical client?

The lawyer you hire should be experienced and professional, he should win most the cases in past. He should have a proper license issued by state government. Barristers normally work in court chambers and regularly appear in court, whenever they are instructed to do so by the solicitors. A company can hire anyone either he is a barrister or a solicitor both of them can work in-house, but the most of companies prefer to recruit solicitors by seeing the training and past experience they have.

4. After that you should prefer to ask him about his charges, and how are they billed?

If you are constrained by its budget and truly require a very experienced solicitor for your case or for your company, then you can hire a senior lawyer for your company on a part-time basis or even on an interim basis. In this way, you have to pay him a low salary and your cases will also be resolved by an experienced lawyer. But if you are hiring a Harrow Solicitors for personal case then prefer to hire the one that will offer you reasonable price, and consider other factors before buying him.

5.What is your approach or philosophy to winning or representing a case?

After finalizing everything with the solicitor then you should ask him about his strategy which he will use for handling your case. ask him to give you advise where needed, provide him complete details and documents so that he could prepare the case properly before presenting it in the court.


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