A UK immigration solicitor specializes in visas, migration, work permits, over stayers, deportation, British citizenship and appeals. This is a challenging and politically charged area of legal practice. The development of the European Union and political troubles elsewhere across the globe has led to a massive influx of refugees, asylum seekers and individuals who simply need to improve their current situation competing for restricted space on an island with limited room for development.

Visa to enter the United Kingdom:

Individuals coming from most nations in the world will require a visa to enter the United Kingdom. Exceptions include the European Union, the United States, and former British Commonwealth nations. A significant portion of your caseload will comprises of individual facing deportation for overstaying their visas.

Work in the UK:

Another segment of your customer base will be individuals who need to work in the United Kingdom. Acquiring a work visa is considerably more difficult than getting a tourist visa. The past few years have seen a rush of foreigners from previous Eastern Bloc nations  seeking employment. Note, however, that even the most gifted football player requires consent from the government so as to play professionally.


The laws on foreigners allowed to work in the UK were tightened in November 2010 and implemented the next April. You should be comfortable with new rules for Tier 1 and Tier 2 caps.

UK Immigration Solicitor:

The British government has been clamping down on the marriages of comfort. The Immigration solicitors UK will therefore be called upon to help potential immigrants and their partners jump through the many necessary hoops before they can marry. This implies assembling paperwork, negotiating interviews and understanding the difference between a date for a wedding at a local registry office and a date for an interview to decide their eligibility to get married! Permanent settlers in the UK are currently required to pass an examination on ‘Life in the United Kingdom.

Human trafficking has become a difficult issue in immigration law. This refers to the smuggling of people using threats or other form of coercion for the reasons of exploitation, regularly involving prostitution. You might be called upon to defend alleged traffickers or you may choose to work for the Home Office or the Serious Organized Crime Agency.

Subject of Immigration Law:

The subject of immigration law has been very rarely out of the news. Recently, the Home Office and the UK Border Agency came under fire for relaxing restrictions on people trying to enter the country. Anybody entering this area of lawful practice will be kept exceptionally busy, on their toes, and will find plenty of variety and challenge.

Right of Appeal:

If you have the right of appeal, then see your trusted immigration solicitors UK so that they may guide you to take the case to the Immigration Tribunal, which all immigration issues and cases are heard. The Immigration Tribunal will clarify the decision in writing about the result of the case. You may take a shot at another appeal if you lost the case. An appeal after appeal may require a legal audit.


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