Due to recent events, the Health and Safety Authority is actually issuing a critical warning to owners, tire fitters and plant operators regarding repairing and handling of split rim wheels. Split rim wheels are very different from typical one-piece wheels. Actually spilled rims are also known as multispecies wheels, which will keep the tire in its actual place with the help of locking ring. Usually, light vehicles and cars didn’t use split rims. Usually, this type of e normally used in heavy vehicles like Lorries, forklifts, and tractors that are mostly used in construction and mining sectors.

You should always have to take safety measures whenever you use multi-piece wheels or split rim because there is a lot of failure risk involved with these multispecies tires. This type of failure of Split Rim wheels could result in brutal separation or the fiery release of soaring air pressure and the expulsion of component parts. When there will be a rapid release of volatile force caused by a ruptured tire or any type of violent severance of the component parts of the wheel could cause very serious injuries that include fatalities.

Actually, machine owners should be familiar with the types of tires assembly that will be fitted to their equipment and guarantee that people who are involved in Split Rim Refurbishment of these tires should be aware of all safety control measures that will eliminate the risk of having any serious injury caused from multi-piece wheels. 

Things You Should Know While Disassembling Split Rim Wheels:

  1. Before disassembling split wheels just make sure you are skilled enough to work on a tire/rim assembly. You should have enough knowledge about all safety measures and procedures.
  1. Before starting any work you should inspect your tire properly for any damage or inaccurately fitted parts. If still there are damaged parts then you should first take all measures for controlling this issue.
  1. Before removing the Split Wheels you should deflate it first so that you could eliminate the risk of explosion. Always try to take safety measures before doing anything, and for lifting the tires you should use mechanical lifting or other devices used for moving the vehicle for changing tires and wheels. And always prefer to follow the instructions and procedures which are given by manufacturers’ for assembling and disassembling it.
  1. Before removing the tire from the vehicle you should check the assembly of tire or rims for having proper seating component. If by chance there are chances of an explosion while assembling or disassembling tires you should stand to the side, or far away from the flying wheel parts.
  1. Always prefer to deflate the tire before you remove the nuts of the wheel that will be the safety measure taken on your part.
  1. While doing dual assembly you should always try to deflate the tires and start by removing the core of the valve. After that, you should interleave a wire in the valve stanch for ensuring that there is no blockage in the stem.


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