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6 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Free Standing Signs


6 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Free Standing Signs


Imagine a business or a shop that does not have an outdoor sign. Would people ever come to know about it? I don’t think so. If you would take a look around you, it would seem that every business, whether small or big know the importance outdoor signs as the outdoor signs play one of the most vital roles in the advertisement of the business. Some people think that the best location to place a sign is the front side of a building itself while others have realized the importance of the freestanding signage as they the most effective method of advertisement. Freestanding signs are one class of business signage which is erected on a pole, independent of any building. They can be easily seen from a large distance as they are mounted high in the air. Therefore, serve as a direct promotional tool for the business and help a lot in its progress. Here is a list of 6 reasons why you should invest in freestanding signs:


  • Free Standing Signs Increases the visibility of your business


Freestanding signs are quite visible because of its height. These signs are placed on the roadside and busy streets. A pedestrian or any road traveler can hardly ignore freestanding or pylon signs. People generally follow the same route to their work or home destination on a regular basis. By regularly sighting the same signage, they will always remember about your business. Thus, it can be easily inferred that these signs act as the great source of advertisement as they are more noticeable than a regular sign on a building. Because of increase in the visibility of your business signboard, the visibility of your business will also increase.


  • Free Standing Signs are a one-time investment


Freestanding signs are very cheap, or rather we can say that they are cost-effective. These signs act a silent salesman for your business. Pylon signs attract the attention of a customer very easily and help a business place to differentiate itself from other businesses. If you are looking for the cheapest source of advertisement for your business, then you can opt for freestanding signs without any doubt. Freestanding signs can stay at the same place for many decades. They are designed to bear the extreme weather conditions such as rainfall, high-speed wind, etc. Therefore, pylon signs are a one-time investment.


  • Free Standing Signs have an enormous communication power


Experts are working to make pylon or freestanding signs develop them in such a way that these signs can easily communicate a large message even on board with small dimensions. Information that a pylon sign communicates can include the name of the business, place of the business, opening and closing time and a variety of other information such as specialty of the business, etc. Thus, freestanding signs help in one-way communication very efficiently.


  • Free Standing Signs acts as landmark


This may sound as a secondary purpose which is not related to the advertisement, but in reality, freestanding sign acting as a landmark helps in the indirect advertisement of a company. This can be illustrated with the help of the following example: when a person gives the direction to the traveler, he may repeatedly refer to the standing sign as a landmark. In this case, the traveler will notice the pylon sign of your company and its image will remain in their mind forever. Thus, if you place your freestanding sign in the middle of a busy road, then it can become the subject of the landmark which will help in the indirect progress of your business.


  • Free Standing Signs have a long-lasting impact on human mind


Freestanding or pylon signs are designed with the vast range of unique and memorable feature. They come in attractive shapes, size, and colors. You can also use lights and LED bulbs to make them more effective at night. It is proven in the research that if you see something attractive, then it would stay in your mind for a long period. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use free standing signage instead of ordinary signboards as they can create an everlasting impact on the human mind.


  • Free Standing Signs are a compulsion for a new set up


If you have a new business set up and if you do not have enough money for its advertisement then you can have a freestanding installed on busy roads. Freestanding signs would easily solve the purpose of promotion of a new business enterprise.

There are many realistic examples to illustrate the effectiveness of the pylon signs. They play a key role in the maintaining the brand and help the customers to locate the shop without any problem. If you want to grow your business and want to make sure that people take notice of its location, then you should invest in free standing signs.


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