The dry brush massage is an excellent way to remove the dead upper cell layers of the skin and significantly improve their blood circulation through strong friction. Dry brushing has a positive impact on the body. It affects the physical and mental well-being.

Dry brushing is a good way to stimulate these capillaries and promote the movement of lymphatic fluid. In this way, the lymph fluid can be transported to the liver and successfully eliminated from the body.

Benefits of Dry Brushing


Dry brushing is especially necessary and helpful when muscular tension or circulatory disorders of the skin impair performance and well-being.  Many potential benefits of dry brushing are numerous.

  • Increases the activity of the whole organism through the skin
  • Removes dead cell layers of the skin
  • Cleanses and opens the pores. This allows the skin to better fulfill its function as the most important metabolic and excretory organ.
  • Blood circulation to the skin much stronger. This causes a pleasant-warm feeling, makes you happier and happier.
  • Stimulates the blood circulation,
  • Increases the blood flow, skin gets a fresh healthy look again
  • Tightens skin with orange peel, smoothes problem areas, preserves youthful skin texture. As cellulite accumulates toxic fats, dry brush massage actively helps to dissolve these structures so that they can be removed from the body via the excretory ducts
  • Reduces pollutant load by supporting detoxification
  • Tightens hanging skin
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Supports digestion and healthy kidney function.
  • Has an invigorating, refreshing, stimulating, performance enhancing and overall organism
  • Leads to a physical and mental well-being.
  • Keeps the body healthy, so that it copes better with all efforts.

When No Dry Brushing Should Be Done


The beneficial effects of dry brush massage are misapplied by the risk of injury: patients with skin rashes, purulent skin inflammations, suspected infectious diseases, with varicose veins, prone to phlebitis, should refrain from the skin dry brushing. Dry brushing is also not recommended for fresh injuries, ligament and muscle tears and bruising.

Avoid synthetic bristles, they are usually too hard and can hurt the skin.

The dry brush massage is best done in the morning before getting up in bed or before the daily shower. A dry brush massage in the evening could prove to be too stimulating and disturb the healthy sleep.

Skin Dry Brushing Technique


Brush the skin at least once a day for two to 20 minutes, ideally in the morning before showering. The best results are achieved when the skin is dry, not damp or sweaty. In the first few days, the message is started for a short time on individual parts of the body in order to gradually switch to the full-body massage, increasing the duration of the message.

Start with your feet and brush your legs up, toward the heart. In the area of the chest or abdomen, the line should be circular in a counterclockwise direction. be. (Earlier, one pleaded in the chest area for horizontal strokes to the heart. According to the latest findings, you can also easily guide the brush in a circle.) Next, focus on the back with upward movements. Finally, brush your hands, arms, and chest. Sensitive areas like the face will save you NFMGame- Download Free Games.

Other users recommend starting with the legs, followed by the arms and then in the order of the back and the abdomen, finally the breasts. Move the brush slowly with long and large strokes or circular strokes with constant vigorous pressure. Each brush stroke should be repeated three to five times.

For the first four or five sessions you should only brush lightly over the entire skin surface; later you can brush stronger – depending on skin sensitivity. Do not brush so intensively that the skin becomes reddened or irritated. They want to stimulate them, not hurt them. It is particularly beneficial to complete the brush massage by stroking with the hand. The brushing of the back requires the help of a partner unless you have a brush with style.

For the skin dry brushing of the whole body about 10 minutes are needed with exact execution.


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