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E-Commerce Packaging Ideas – Cardboard boxes that your Customers will Love

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E-Commerce Packaging Ideas – Cardboard boxes that your Customers will Love


Online shopping has completely replaced conventional ways of shopping. Gone are the days when you had to step outside your house to purchase something. Today, all you have to do is just scroll through the internet and buy everything you ever wished for. With online shopping becoming immensely popular one thing that has really concerned the e-commerce retailers is how to keep clients in the long run, especially when there are so many competitors in the market. In order to hold on to your clients, you have to add a little extra magic to every product that you sell.

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One thing that really has an impact on the client is the packaging in which the product arrives. The packaging portrays the first impression of your product and making it impressive can really turn the tables for your online business.

There are some ways in which you can change the packaging of your products, but you also have to keep a close eye on the budget and the time you have. But with the right ideas, you can change everything. Therefore, we bring you a variety of ways that you can use to customize the old cardboard boxes into something incredible and that within your limited price brackets.

E-Commerce Packaging Ideas - Cardboard boxes that your Customers will Love

Use customized box tape

You can start with little things so that you do not spend too much on the packaging of your product, especially when you do not have extra money to spare. Using customized box tape can completely change the look of a boring brown box. You can use different colors and different patterns of tape on each box. The tape will not only give the box a unique look but will also keep strengthening the box by keeping everything together. You can customize the tape based on the product too so that the customer can notice that extra touch you added!

Personalize the cardboard box

Customers really love it when they can relate to the product as well as its overall packaging – it makes the perfect combo for them. Personalizing the boxes is one way to attract new customers and hold onto the existing ones. You can experiment with different ideas, for instance, you can print the picture of the product on the box, or you can add any other design on the box. Adding graphics on the packages make them really attractive, and the customer just cannot wait to order again.

Choose a theme for packaging

If you want to offer your customers more than just a cardboard box, then you can select a packaging them for your product line. You can choose from a range of themes available based on your or the customer’s preference. You can opt different theme for children products and adults. You can play with colors and get boxes in different colors. Some of the most famous themes include wood texture, vintage, animated characters for kids, etc.

A special quote for every customer

The happiness of unwrapping your package doubles when it has something beautiful written on it. Printing a quote or a special saying on the cardboard box can bring a smile on your customer’s face. You do not have to get special boxes for this idea. You can simply print the quotes and attach it the box. You can even write a sweet message on the box yourself so that the customer can appreciate your extra efforts. You can also incorporate funny quotes or even characters to the box for a greater impact.

Think out of the box!

You can either work on the brown cardboard boxes, or you can just change the shape of these boxes. If you have a decent budget, then you can go ahead one more step and completely transform the old boxes. You can use a different box for every product, like instead of delivering clothes in a big box, you can send them in cute brown bags with text printed on them. There are a lot of unique shaped containers available in the market, and they do not cost much either.


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