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How to choose a warehouse for rent?


How to choose a warehouse for rent?


Running most types of businesses is impossible without having a warehouse facility for storing products and goods. It often happens that a company tries to find the necessary warehouse as quickly as possible considering only two main factors: its size and rental price. However, such an approach proves to be ineffective, because after losing sight of other important factors such as the presence of inventory control systems in Mississauga, you can choose a rather unfavorable option.

Things you need to pay attention to when choosing a warehouse for rent

The condition of the adjacent territory. Pay attention to such aspects as the availability of convenient parking areas for vehicles. Before the loading gates, there should be a platform sufficient for a turn of any type of vehicles that will arrive and depart from the warehouse. It is believed that the ideal width of such a platform should be at least twice as large as the length of the bulkiest truck that will arrive in your warehouse facility.

Transport connection. An important role is played by the presence of large central transport highways. You certainly must evaluate the location of the warehouse from a logistic point of view and perhaps consider distribution services in Toronto.

Favorable warehouse rental is impossible without inventory control systems in Mississauga  and a preliminary assessment of the flow of goods in your company. With this data, the number of gates in the warehouse for the reception and shipment of goods must be correlated. Thus, for warehouses of class “A”, it is recommended you have one gate for 500 square meters of storage space. As for other classes of warehouses, you can opt for one gate per 1000 square meters.

Particular attention should be paid to the condition of the flooring inside a warehouse. The presence of cracks, visible slopes, as well as signs of a leaking roof should alert you. In addition, the presence of fungus on a warehouse building indicates problems with waterproofing. If there are noticeable deep cracks on the columns inside the warehouse, then you should not choose this particular warehouse facility even if it offers some built-in distribution services in Toronto.

Be sure to ask the property owner about the permissible load on the flooring.

An important role is played by the presence of a security system and video surveillance, the presence of a fire system and driveways for fire trucks, etc. Security is one of the key features when renting a warehouse: if you choose an unguarded warehouse, be prepared for the fact that you will not only have to pay salaries to guards, but you will also have to be on guard yourself checking the quantity of goods in the warehouse.

Be sure to evaluate all the costs associated with renting a warehouse, which include not only the cost for rent, but also a fee for electricity and heating, security, etc. Calculate how much you have to spend, for example, on purchasing the necessary warehouse equipment, on distribution services in Toronto, on installing fire-extinguishing systems, arranging adjacent areas for vehicles, etc.

The final profit of your company, of course, will be dependent on the type of warehouse you end up choosing and whether or not you make use of inventory control systems in Mississauga and such.

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