Ever tried to contact a customer support executive for query or complain? If yes, how was your experience?

Did you had to wait several minutes being rerouted several times in between before an agent even picked your call only to take several more minutes to find the information you required or got edgy himself because you had a complaint and were in a foul mood and replied coldly, showed indifference and even went as far as blaming you in turn. To top that, he failed to resolve your issue.

What was your reaction? Or you were being connected to an agent within seconds, who had all the information you seek and who answered all your queries with patience and a smile or helped to contain your anger with his calm posture and resolved your issue easily without any additional help with taking as little time as possible. What was your reaction this time?

It won’t take rocket science to conclude the future of both the companies represented by the above call center agents. The difference lies in their training process. To ensure quality call center services to your customers, you should focus on applying effective training techniques which are mentioned below:

Include Customer Feedback in Your Training Program

Customer feedback should be given priority during training session as it highlights the issues customers are facing while communicating with call center agents and train the newcomers accordingly.

Include Top Performing Agents

Along with training experts, top-performing agents should be a crucial part of the training process as they share real-life experiences and effective tips to handle calls plus set the bar high for trainees.

Include Role-Playing

Role-playing? As in drama classes? Well yes. Believe me, it will pay for training agents to learn how the customer feels while talking to an agent. The more an agent understands his customer’s needs, the better he will be able to serve.

Library is a Must

Providing your training agents with a well-equipped library containing books and DVDs to acknowledge themselves in their spare time is an investment you won’t ever regret.

Set Clear Goals From the Start

During recruitment process, clearly explain the company’s policies and the expectations from employees which during peak time might even be handling 6-8 hours of call continuously.

Include Real-time Calls

Role-playing is effective but not as effective as handling real-time calls during initial training, Operators in-charge must ensure to provide all the necessary equipment in working order during each training session.

Allow Agents To Listen To Own Recordings

Letting the trainees listen to their own calls will help them realise and acknowledge the impact of their voice and behavior on the future customers allowing them to learn from their mistakes.

Training is An Ongoing Process

And lastly, the key point is to remember the fact that training is never a final product but an ongoing process and to act accordingly. Constant exposure to refreshing courses, enlightening them on new products and software will keep them up-to-date in this ever-changing world.

So, if you too belong to Outsourcing industry or are planning to join, put customer care agents training program on your priority list and keep the above-mentioned points in mind during your training session.

After all, providing quality customer service wasn’t why they were hired in the first place?

It’s no wonder, Indian outsourcing company is a preferred choice among the global community for its Outsourcing Services as it provides quality training sessions to its workers.


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