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Modern methods of staff recruitment


Modern methods of staff recruitment


Every company uses its own methods of personnel selection which are suitable for its conditions. That is why it is hard to determine what methods are obsolete and which are pioneer methods. As a HR manager at Speedypapers.net I worked out a strategy of hiring premium qualified employees. Our company specializes in custom writing services and constantly needs new experienced writers and support representatives.

Speedypapers.net is over eight years on the essay writing market and built a reputable brand in the niche. All potential writers pass rigorous selection as we choose the best experts of the best. We need freelance writers who can write academic papers from scratch, provide editing services and meet the customers’ requirements.

The selection process consists of several stages that help to evaluate applicants’ experience and potential.

We place job offers on different job seeking websites. We get lots of CVs and carefully analyze all of them. Not everyone will get lucky to work with us. The next selection stages include:

Short interview over the phone

It is the most widespread kind of interview. We get details of previous working places and professional experience. Then we inform some details of work and ask potential workers to complete tests.

Interview as a method is not applicable to our company

We seek writers from the USA and the UK. Applicants cannot physically come to our office for the interview. The exclusion is senior managers who will work at the main office.

Pre-employment testing

This involves a number of tests that depend on what vacancy the applicant is after. Potential writers must pass tests in grammar and stylistics. They must have a Master’s or PhD degree and provide samples of their writings. Moreover, they must write an essay on the given topic to evaluate their writing skills.

Support representatives have other work conditions than freelance writers. They must be online for a certain period of time. We check their typing skills and they pass informal recruitment tests.

Occupational personality questionnaires

They help to define incompetent candidates at the first stage of recruitment and that significantly save HR manager’s time. They are effective in the selection of employees of various professions – accountants, lawyers, programmers, specialists in the field of IT, etc. Questionnaires are drawn up by HR department representatives together with the manager of department the applicant is willing to work at. Depth of applicant’s experience is evaluated by potential CEO. Objectivity of the method can be up to 80%.

Testing skills and abilities

This method can be attributed to professional testing. A recruiter will check necessary skills and abilities to perform high quality work for the company as typing speed and language skills. This method is 100% non-prejudicial and provides a great tool in a selection toolbox.

Other effective methods are group interview and assessment center. They give possibility to evaluate applicants under pressure and see reactions to business situations.

As you see, not all recruitment methods are applicable to different companies. They vary according to working conditions and company’s specification. The main objective is to find well qualified employees for running business and providing services effectively.


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