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3 Benefits of ilaan.com Mobile App that Goes Beyond Just Finding a Home

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3 Benefits of ilaan.com Mobile App that Goes Beyond Just Finding a Home


With the popularity of online property portals, real estate sector has transformed to a greater extent as well.

However, it was still not that easy for the users to browse a website through their laptop computers or mobile devices. It was imperative to move forward and make it more convenient for all the stakeholders. In this regard, mobile applications come in handy and eliminate the hassle of going to a web browser and typing the website URL.

The mobile app of one of the most popular property portals ilaan.com is truly a wonder of this digital age. It offers a plethora of benefits to the users and truly gives you the power to explore the property listing just like you are present at the site. Here we have compiled 3 benefits of ilaan.com mobile application that goes beyond just finding a home.


When we think of a property portal, it comes to our mind that there will be information about the property along with images. This holds true for most property portals but ilaan.com is different. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that ilaan.com has almost eradicated the need to visit a property – thanks to the high definition videos accessible through the mobile app. When you open a property listing, you will see a VIDEO tab at the top. By selecting that tab, you will be able to watch a professionally made video of the property.


Have you ever thought what the floor plan of a certain house is? While most people don’t pay attention to it, there are some who want to know about it. This is where ilaan.com has a clear edge over the competitors. Each property listing has a complete 2D floorplan available that is easily accessible. You don’t have to go to any other link or page to know about the floorplan – all you have to do is choose the floorplan tab while viewing a listing.

Option to Contact

While visiting a page from any mobile application, one thing that most users find difficult is to copy a phone number to contact. Not all real estate mobile apps offer the option to contact the dealers without exiting the app but again, ilaan.com is different from the rest. Users can conveniently contact team ilaan.com without any hassle. Moreover, the contact details of the property dealers are also available with each listing. What else can you ask for? You can have a hassle-free property viewing experience right from your smartphone.

These are three benefits of using ilaan.com mobile app that you might not have known before. If you are looking for a new home, either for sale, purchase or rent, ilaan.com is the right place to do. You can find properties in your preferred areas and apply search filters to get listings based on your requirements. You have the opportunity to you to further simplify this process through this wonderful mobile app people call ilaan.com.


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