6 Tips to Help You Maintain your Flat Roof Better

If you have a flat roof, then it is important that you maintain it properly. If you neglect it and never clean or repair the roof when necessary, then it is inevitable that the roof will be damaged well before its expected expiry. To help you with this, we list below six tips that can help you take care of your flat roof.


Sometime, you might find blister in the roofing, which mostly forms due to the moisture trapped in there. In such a situation, the best thing to do will be to cut open the blister right in the middle. This will let out the trapped moisture. Once done, it is recommended that you patch up the damaged area with roofing cement. But make sure that the blister is dry before you do the patchwork.


In case there is leakage in the flat roof, you can use an asphalt roof coating and brush it on the surface. This should be enough to take care of the problem. And in case you can’t point out where the leak is, then it is advisable that you pour tar over the area. Now, if the roof is made from aluminum, then you can patch the leak using a mesh made of fiberglass. Just cover the leaking area with cement, place the mesh on top, and put more cement over it to finish the job.


If there is a snow buildup on the roof, then you should immediately take steps to remove it. Since you are using a flat roof, the more the snow accumulates on top of it, the more dangerous it can be to the stability of the roof.  If there is too much snow on the roof, then it might be a good idea to call in a professional to clear it up.

Protective Paint

Asphalt roll roofs have one big weakness – the sun. With the roof constantly being exposed to the sun, the ultraviolet rays will likely damage the surface over a period of time. To protect the roof, you can use a reflective paint made from aluminum. This will not only deal with the problem but will also protect the roof from the water.

Reflective Roofs

In case you are upgrading your flat roof, consider getting a reflective roof rather than a normal one. This will help you in cutting down the internal temperature of your home, thereby lowering your cooling bills. And if you live in an area with hot temperatures, then a reflective roof is a must.

Water Accumulation

When water accumulates on the surface of the flat roof and does not evaporate even after 48 hours of the accumulation, then it is a problem. If you let the water sit as it is, then there is a risk that the roof might suffer from membrane degradation, making it more susceptible to damage.

And in case you need help in maintaining or upgrading the roof of your home, consider consulting any of the good phoenix roofing companies. Their experience will certainly help you protect the roof and ensure that it lasts longer.

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